1 Year Into Blogging: I Love This

Hey, guys! I’ve officially been blogging for 1 year!

This isn’t going to be a technical blog post like the other ones where I discuss what I’ve done to improve the blog in the previous three months. This’ll just be one of those cheesy reflections for me to look back on.

Here are my other reflections if you want to read them first:
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Now that you’re caught up, let’s get started.

I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year. That’s CRAZY to me! It’s gone by so fast and I’m pretty sure blogging is the reason for it. I genuinely think it’s made time move faster because this time last year, I had just graduated high school. I don’t think I’ve grown at all!

That’s, of course, a lie. I’m sure I’ve grown some, but I’m still in my room writing on the same laptop (Yes, my dad has been officially talking about buying a new laptop for a year now). It doesn’t feel like anything has changed.

I could go on in the ways things have changed, but I’ve acknowledged this point in a previous post, so read that one if you’re curious.

I think I’ve gotten what I wanted to get out of this blog.

I wanted to document my life and I think I’ve done a good job at doing so using monthly reflections and other means. I’m also happy to say that I’ve helped a lot of people. I love it when you guys send me emails and comment on posts. It makes my day.

I do wish I had worked harder at making this blog more professional like growing my email list and posting more, but looking back, that would’ve added too much to my plate. I want to do a better job at this in the next year. I’m planning on writing next year’s blog business plan tomorrow.

I also need to start rereading my blog posts before I publish them because I am guilty of clicking the publish button without reading.

Other than that, I’m happy to say that I’ve made money writing this blog. I’ve paid off my domain, design, and all the other investments I made. I’m really proud of that (especially considering the things I could’ve done better).

What I’ve Done Since Starting This Blog

Well, that was my year, so cheers to the next one! Thanks for reading!

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