10 Must See Walt Disney World Shows

10 Must-See Shows at Walt Disney World

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World understands that there is never enough time to get everything done, so I decided to create a list of my personal favorite shows at Disney World. They are all awesome, but these are shows that stand out to me every time I go there. You should definitely try them.

(Also, the pictures here are either stock photos that came with our photo pass, pictures I’ve taken, or pictures on the internet with the sources at the bottom)

10//Mickey’s Philharmagic | Magic Kingdom

Mickey's Philharmagic - 10 Must-See Shows at Walt Disney World


This is one of my favorite shows (Not just because it’s indoors and has air conditioning) It’s a 4-D show that has many famous songs from Disney Movies, like Part of Your World and Just Can’t Wait To Be King. The show is very fun. The AC is awesome too. Last summer, we watched this show 3 times for the AC. It was still entertaining all three times.

9//Chinese Acrobat Show | Epcot

EPCOT Chinese Acrobats - 10 Must-See Shows At Walt Disney World


Out of all the shows at Epcot, this is my favorite. I don’t think there needs to be an explanation here because “Chinese Acrobat Show” seems pretty self-explanatory. What really surprised me was how young some of the acrobats were. They were doing some pretty heavy stuff. It was really cool to watch.

8//Frozen Sing Along: For The First Time In Forever | Hollywood Studios

Frozen Sing-Along: For The First Time In Forever - 10 Must-See Walt Disney World Shows

Considering what a hit Frozen was, I wasn’t surprised that last summer’s theme was Frozen (This summer’s was Star Wars, not that anyone was asking.) This Frozen show is absolutely hilarious! The ­­hosts of it are so funny. They play the Royal Historians of Arendelle (I can’t believe that’s a word in Microsoft’s dictionary), and they retell the story. There are of course sing-alongs and fake snow. Plus you get to see Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. I’m not a huge Frozen fan, but I still enjoyed it.

7//Finding Nemo:The Musical | Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo The Musical - 10 Must-See Shows At Walt Disney World


This is a puppet show at Animal Kingdom. This is a must-see there. It retells the story of Finding Nemo. Last summer, my cousins and I got really close seats, so we could see the puppeteers blending in with the background. If you don’t want to see them, move farther back, but I thought it was fine. There are also musical numbers (which you wouldn’t expect in Finding Nemo) that are pretty good.

6//Beauty And The Beast Live | Hollywood Studios

Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage - 10 Must-See Walt Disney World Shows

This show is much better than the one at Magic Kingdom. (That one is more interactive) It’s a lot like a Broadway Show, only shorter and less detailed. The dancing is what really draws me to it. The dancers are amazing.

5//Festival of Fantasy Parade

9 Must-See Shows At Walt Disney World - Festival of Fantasy


I prefer this over the Main Street Electrical Parade because there are more characters from more movies. There’s more variety. I also think the floats look better.

4//Celebrate The Magic | Magic Kingdom

9 Must-See Walt Disney World Shows - Celebrate the Magic


This is the nightly show before Wishes Fireworks. This is my favorite show at Magic Kingdom because of the nostalgia I feel when I watch it. It’s basically a light show. Scenes from different movies are projected onto the castle along with their musical scores. My explanation isn’t doing it justice, but it really is good.

3//Festival of the Lion King | Animal Kingdom

9 Must-See Walt Disney World Shows - Festival of the Lion King

This is a really fun acrobatic show. Acrobats do different gymnastic tricks to the soundtrack of the Lion King. Try to get there early to get good seats near the front.

2//Indiana Jones:Epic Stunt Show Spectacular | Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones Stunt Show - 10 Must See Shows At Walt Disney World


This is show is like it says: Epic. This show shows how stunts work in actual movies. You get to see where the cameras go and how they put out the fires and so many other things. This summer, I got to be in the show (Which has been on my bucket list. Last summer, I was so sad that I couldn’t volunteer because I was seventeen.) This time, I got to see the trucks explode up close!

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - 10 Must See Shows at Walt Disney World
I’m the fourth person from the right in the brownish-orange costume.

1//Fantasmic | Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic - 10 Must-See Shows At Walt Disney World

This is my (and my mom’s) favorite show at Disney World. This show is actually why we went to Hollywood Studios this summer. We only had two days and my uncle in Australia asked what two parks he should order tickets for and my mom said Hollywood Studios specifically for this.

I would’ve said EPCOT because a lot of attractions in Hollywood Studios are closed because they’re adding Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, but it was still fun. There was a lot more downtime because we knew that we could see every attraction in that day.

Now to the actual description of the Show. This show has me in awe every time. It’s an amazing water and light show that includes more Disney Movies than you can count. Even somewhat obscure ones you don’t regularly see being represented like Hunchback of Notre Dame and 101 Dalmatians. I also love that there is a whole section devoted to the movie Pocahontas. I absolutely LOVE IT. It’s very different from other shows. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently, the one at Disneyland is better, so I want to see it for myself.

This is a show that is worth going to Hollywood Studios for. (In my opinion)


I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to publish this post. I actually finished it days ago, but something happened with my laptop and all the images were deleted along with my edits for the final draft. This was also my first week of college and I didn’t have time to fix it.

Don’t worry. There are a lot more blog posts in store for you, so stay tuned.


What’s your favorite Walt Disney World Show? Why?

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