August Goals

August 2016 Goals

I truly can’t believe it’s August already. I remember being in middle school thinking that 2016 was so far away, and now it’s more than half-way done!

I’m starting college this month. A fact that I am both excited and terrified about. Zidan is starting High School next week! I was in New York yesterday saying goodbye to my family from Australia, and now I’m back in home in Atlanta, after about a month of traveling, getting back to real life!

There is so much going on in my life right now, I can’t even think straight. (I also have a whole to-do list of things to do today that is somewhat overwhelming, plus a month’s worth of laundry to go through).

This month isn’t as much about enjoying my summer as much as getting ready for college and catching up on work and this blog, so writing down this month’s goals should be a good start to that. Thanks for listening to that rant (which could be way longer if you ask me) Here’s the blog post you came here to read.

You can read my July Goals here

//Recap of July Goals//

  • Post Pictures on Facebook – I posted way more than I normally do, so I call this a win. I have many more pictures to post considering I just came back from New York yesterday, so I’ll add those to an album for my family to see today. After doing that, I probably won’t post on Facebook for another year. I’m okay with that.
  • Post on Blog Once A Week– I posted twice a week at the beginning of the month. Six blog posts went live in July, which I call a win considering all the traveling I’ve been doing. There was only one post that I was hoping to finish and publish last month, which was about decluttering before college, but I wasn’t able to finish that. It should go live this week.
  • Schedule Social Media for Blog – Fail. Complete, total, and utter failure. Though I did figure out how to schedule out twitter posts. I did that at the beginning of this month but lagged after other priorities presented themselves. I also couldn’t figure out how to post on my blog’s Facebook Page without having it appear on my personal Facebook account. Hopefully, I’ll get better at posting on social media for my blog as time goes on.
  • Take A Bunch of Photos – Complete. I took so many photos this month. It’ll take forever to go through and organize them, but it’s worth it. That’s on my to-do list for today.
  • Tie Up All Loose Ends For College – I’m going to call this a win even though it’s half-done. I did everything I could possibly do considering I was out of state for most of this month. I’m 80% done.

//August Goals//

//Meet With My Advisor

This is one of the last loose ends I need to tie up for college. (Well, that and actually pay for college.) I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not going the regular college track. My situation is different from others, so I want to meet with my advisor and talk to him and confirm a few things.

I actually emailed him before writing this post. He emailed me a phone number, so I’ll schedule the appointment after publishing this.

//Walk Through My College Schedule and Figure Out What Marta Train stops I need to use

Yeah, I’m taking the train because I don’t want to deal with Atlanta traffic. I’m just going to drive to the train station, then take Marta to school. Before school starts, I want to walk through my whole schedule, know what train stops to get off at, and know where to go so that I’m prepared for classes when they start.

//Organize Email

My email is so disorganized. I want to fix that before college starts.

//Buy a Laptop

I really should have done this a while ago, but there simply wasn’t time and I didn’t want to pester my dad too much. I’ve been using my brother’s laptop for blogging, which is fine for now, but I need my own for when college starts. Of course, I also need one for blogging purposes.

//Schedule Out A Bunch of Posts Before College Starts

When school starts, I don’t want to focus too much on my blog, so I want to be prepared with a whole arsenal of posts to schedule out. This way I won’t be too overwhelmed about blogging when I need to focus on school.

//Create a Privacy Policy or Disclosure Page on my blog

I joined Amazon Affiliate last month, but I haven’t put any affiliate links on my blog because (1) I didn’t have time and (2) I never created a disclosure for this blog, so I plan on adding one this month. It’ll also make my blog more professional, which is very important.

//Make More Connections Through

I work with special needs kids, and is one of the places where parents contact me. I actually talked to several parents last month despite all the traveling, so I also need to meet their children this month.

//July Recap//

There is honestly way too much to say about last month, so I’m going to do a full recap tomorrow. You can get the basics by reading my July Travel Plans post.

Here’s a little teaser photo

August Goals

So apparently peace signs are still a thing in Australia because my uncle made me do them in a lot of photos. I have to admit that they make the pictures a lot more fun.

So these are my August goals. As you can see, there are a lot more than last month, but I have a lot to do this month. I’ll talk to you next time.


Did you do any traveling in July like I did? Where did you go? What are your goals in August? Are you ready for school to start?

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