August & September Favorites 2017

Hey, guys! I did not write a monthly favorites post last month because I really didn’t read that much. I was working a lot and I had just started my Sophomore year. I was really in a reading rut. I also don’t start any new shows during the school year, so there wasn’t much to write about. That’s why this month’s monthly favorites post is combined. I hope you enjoy.

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Sammy Keyes Series – Guys, I was in a HUGE reading rut. I just couldn’t get myself to pick up a book. Don’t get me wrong, I still read blogs and stuff but no books. Sammy Keyes is probably my favorite book series. I used to say that I couldn’t decide my favorite books series, but I reread these books ALL THE TIME. I bought the entire series last year, but haven’t reread it since. In the six years I’ve read them, I’ve never actually read this series in order, so that’s what I did this month. I’m on the 14th book right now. They just keep getting better and better.

  • Sammy Keyes And The Hotel Thief
  • Sammy Keyes And The Skeleton Man
  • Sammy Keyes And The Sisters Of Mercy
  • Sammy Keyes And The Runaway Elf
  • Sammy Keyes And The Curse Of Mustache Mary
  • Sammy Keyes And The Hollywood Mummy
  • Sammy Keyes And The Art Of Deception
  • Sammy Keyes And The Psycho Kitty Queen
  • Sammy Keyes And The Dead Giveaway
  • Sammy Keyes And The Wild Things
  • Sammy Keyes And The Cold Hard Cash
  • Sammy Keyes And The Wedding Crasher
  • Sammy Keyes And The Night Of Skulls
  • Sammy Keyes And The Power Of Justice Jack
  • Sammy Keyes And The Showdown In Sin City
  • Sammy Keyes And The Killer Cruise
  • Sammy Keyes And The Kiss Goodbye


When I was compiling this list, I saw how many animated movies I’ve watched. It’s sort of insane, but “kid’s” movies are the best.

What Happened To Monday – This is a Netflix Original Movie. It’s one of my favorite movies now. When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be really cheesy, but I loved it. If you love Sci-Fi like me, watch it.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – I’ve been meaning to watch this for months and finally got to watch it on a Sunday morning. It’s a Disney movie, but it would be impossible to make this movie now. If you want to see Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse or Donald and Daffy Duck in the same scene, watch this movie. It’s really funny but inappropriate for kids.

Newsies: The Musical – I watched the filmed version of the Broadway show on Netflix, not the actual movie. It was really good. I’d love to see it live someday, but it was still interesting to watch on T.V. (Though it was nothing compared to watching a Broadway show live).

Corpse Bride – I love this movie. I was in a Halloween mood and this is my favorite Tim Burton Movie.

The Big Sick – I got this from Redbox and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a Rated R movie, so it was very inappropriate but I loved it. It’s a comedy about a Pakistani man who falls in love with a white woman. The woman falls into a coma, and he meets her parents for the first time at the hospital. Just watch the trailer. It’s hilarious.

Barbie Dolphin Magic – I was (*cough* am) OBSESSED with Barbie movies as a child. It honestly ties with my love of Disney. Guys, this blog is named after a Barbie song. It was literally my childhood. I haven’t watched many of the new ones recently because, let’s be honest, the classic ones are the best, but this one was on Netflix and they’ve gotten better according to my cousin. It was pretty good. Not as good as the classics, but I might watch it again.

Barbie And The 12 Dancing Princesses – After seeing that a Barbie movie was added to Netflix, I fangirled with two of my friends who are just as nostalgic about it. 12 Dancing Princesses is my second favorite Barbie movie. I haven’t watched it in YEARS, so I found it on YouTube.

Naked – Super cliche Netflix Original Movie. Basically, a man wakes up naked in an elevator over and over again on his wedding day. It’s funny in the it’s-so-bad-it’s good romantic comedy sort of way, which is something I like. Not everyone is like that.

The Ant Bully – Another movie I haven’t watched in years. It was on Netflix and I was in a movie watching mood this month as you can probably tell. What is with all the animated movies about ants? I get that they’re the cutest bug, but there are A LOT. (A Bugs Life, Antz, The Ant Bully, Minuscule: Valley Of Lost Ants…)

Coraline – I’m writing a post on Halloween movies to watch, so you’ll see my thoughts on this movie on Monday.

Despicable Me 3 – I watched it for free at my school theatre. It’s my least favorite Despicable Me movie, but it was better than the last Shrek sequel. It actually tied back to Minions which was cool. It also ends in a cliffhanger, which means we’ll have to suffer through another one of these movies. I still enjoyed it though, just not as much as the other two.

//T.V Shows

Atypical – I don’t know how to describe this show. I absolutely loved it. It’s about a high schooler with autism who just transitioned into mainstream school. He wants to have a girlfriend and the first season is about him navigating that along with things his family. It resonated a lot more with my dad than mee, but I recommend it. It’s on Netflix and has eight episodes.

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager – I rewatched the last season. This was a pretty good ABC Family show, but I realized that it was all dialogue. Nothing else happened. It was interesting dialogue, though. If you haven’t heard about this show, it’s about the life of a fifteen-year-old who gets pregnant. It’s really interesting. Teen parenting isn’t painted as a glamorous thing.

Fuller House: Season 3 – I literally watched this the minute it came out, which is 3 AM eastern. I’m not actually that big of a fan. Mysoon was just having a crazy night, so I let my mom sleep, while I helped him. I watched the first two episodes and fell asleep. I finished the rest of the season that day. There were only 9 episodes, which is strange. I totally called the cliffhanger at the end.

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce – Season 4 just ended. I was a little disappointed. The first two were great and it went downhill in Season 3. It’s about an author who wrote about marriage and pregnancy that ends up getting divorced in the public eye. It’s really good. Not like usual chick flicks.

Good Witch – This is the only new series I started. I can watch an episode without binge-watching a season, which is nice. It’s not actually about magical witches. It’s more talking about witch doctors.

Anne With An E – Another show I rewatched some episodes of. It’s based on the Anne of Green Gables series.

Sofia The First Season 4 – I know this is a Disney Junior show, but it’s a great show. It has more character and plot development than a lot of adult movies I’ve seen.

The Fosters – The season ended last month. I think they predicted the future. The entire season had a DACA storyline, and the day the finale premiered was the day Trump started stirring things up about it. It was oddly coincidental.

Backstage Season 2 – The new season isn’t out in America yet, but I’ve been streaming it through other mediums. I hope Disney brings it back.


Happier by Ed Sheeran – I’m not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, but I like some of his songs. This song showed up on my YouTube feed and I really liked it.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Cover by Lindsay Stirling – I was obsessed with her violin covers 5 years ago, but slowly stopped listening to her music. This is the first cover of hers I’ve heard in a while and I listen to it on repeat while I’m studying. (I can’t listen to music with words when I study, so I usually don’t listen to music or play instrumentals)

Surrender by Natalie Taylor – I haven’t downloaded any new music to my phone in over a year, and I don’t like to use data to listen to music on YouTube, so this song has been on repeat.


Travel planning – I love planning for trips and I have two trips with my friends planned for November. One is to Charlotte, South Carolina and the other is to Disney World. I can’t wait!

School Starting – Unpopular opinion: I love it when school starts. I hate summer vacation. I feel so bored and underproductive. I have something to do now!

Blogging consistently – I’ve been blogging on a consistent schedule for the last two months and I am REALLY proud of myself. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m getting a lot done.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you Monday.


What books did you read this month? Movies? T.V shows? What songs were stuck in your head?

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