Fall 2017 Semester Goals Results

Hello, lovelies! I’m taking my last final of the semester today. I’m officially halfway throught my sophomore year. This is a pre-written post, but most of the results are set in stone, so I’m writing this now (A week early.) I accomplished more this semester than I thought I did, which is a nice feeling. I hope you enjoy.

Original Post –  My Fall 2017 Semester Goals

1.//Publish A Blog Post Twice A Week


I’m disregarding the last few weeks because I was spending time with my family for Thanksgiving, taking finals and traveling quite a bit. Even so, I still managed to post every Monday in those weeks.

The rest of the time, I was on point. I did a really good job at posting consistently and planning out content. I’m really proud of myself because it was a very busy semester.

2.//Get Straight A’s


I don’t know the results yet. I have my last final today and it’ll be a few days until I get my results but I’m 95% sure I got straight A’s this semester (Woohoo!). I may even have an A+ in my Abnormal Psychology course (Double woohoo!).

3.//Go To The Gym Twice A Week

75% Complete

I slacked off near the end after I pulled a muscle in my back and I would go once a week and not twice, which is better than nothing. I would use my injury as an excuse because I could barely walk, but the rest of the times I didn’t go were out of laziness. Even so, 2017 was probably my healthiest year yet. I just couldn’t end the semester on a strong note, unfortunately.

4.//Go To Disney World


This trip was honestly a dream come true. My friend Kat and I had talked about taking a trip to Disney in college when we were in high school and we actually did it. That’s an amazing feeling.

I remember this moment in Magic Kindom when I was standing next to her and I felt this wave of accomplishment that I actually made this goal happen. I told Kat, “I’m so lucky. I’m at Disney World with my best friend. I can’t believe we made this happen.” That was such an amazing moment. I spend the rest of the trip just savoring the feeling of living in a moment I had dreamed up years ago.

Meeting My Favorite Disney Princess At Animal Kingdom.

5.//Leave The House By 10 AM Every Morning


There were a few days where I didn’t, but I was always ready to go by 10 AM. I’d just start studying at home because most of my classes didn’t start until 1 PM.

6.//Double Monthly Blogging Income By The End Of The Year


I did not put in much effort into monetizing this blog this semester. I prioritized other things. I knew that if I did it all, I wouldn’t be able to do it all well, so I put my focus on other aspects of my life.

7.//Book The Plane Ticket To Bangladesh


The visa was approved two weeks ago. I’m going to Bangladesh! So many of my travel dreams are coming true. It’s such a blessing.

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8.//Join A Club


I didn’t do this at all. I had intended to, but it just didn’t happen. I’m a commuter and all the club meeting happen at awkward times for me. I really didn’t have time. Definitely next semester, though.

9.//Read 10 New Books


I read a lot, but I didn’t read many new books. I reread a bunch of my favorite series (Sammy Keyes, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter). In fact, I read over 20 books this semester, but I’m only giving myself half the points because most weren’t new books. That’s okay though. I don’t want to waste my collection of books by letting them collect dust on a bookshelf.

10.//Where My Glasses Once A Week


The fact that I completed this goal is super surprising. I almost never wear my glasses. I find contacts far more comfortable (I can’t feel them), and most of my glasses had older prescriptions.

At the beginning of the semester, I got glasses that I actually liked and were my prescription, so I wore them more often. I still definitely prefer contacts, but it wasn’t so bad.


That’s not a bad score for a goals list. It means I only didn’t accomplish 2.75 of my goals. I know it’s ideal to get 100% every time, but that’s not realistic. I’m kind of amazed at how much I got done this semester. I got straight A’s, took two trips and planned my first international one, went on my first solo trip, blogged consistently, and read more books than I thought I would. I think it was a successful semester. Some things didn’t go as planned, but that’s okay. Life goes on.


How did you do on your semester goals? What are your plans for winter break? (I’m going to Bangladesh for the first time)

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