July Goals

July Goals

So every month, I plan on writing my monthly goals, so that I can be more productive get stuff done. I’m actually really proud of how well I did. Having a blog post with my goals written down really helped me. So without furthur ado (that’s the phrase, right?) here are my July goals.

//Recap of my June Goals//

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  • Blog 2-3 times per weekComplete. I actually did a pretty good job at this. My blog currently has about 20 posts up, which is awesome for the first month. I’ll probably lay back a bit more next month because I’ll be traveling a lot and will see a lot of my family. I want to enjoy that, so my schedule will be a lot fuller.
  • Declutter and organize my room– Complete. I am so proud of completing this. I got rid of and/or donated 18 years of junk this month, I’m very proud. Expect a post on decluttering before college sometime next month.
decluttering room
This was my room when I started taking stuff out of my closet. There was still stuff in my closet and I had already gotten rid of at least seven bags of stuff.

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  • Upload and organize photos from the last four years– Complete. My dad gave me a 2 terabyte flash drive for this.
  • Save at least 50% of income– Complete. Pretty self-explanatory. My bank account has been making me very happy. I reached one of my major savings goals

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  • Get out of bed by 9 AM every day– FAIL. Complete and utter fail. My schedule was so sporadic. Some mornings I’d wake up at 5 and others I would wake up at noon. I was terrible and creating a schedule. My excuse is that I just graduated and I need a month off, but really, I had no reason to wake up in the morning. Most of the work I had to do or goals I wanted to accomplish could have been done or were scheduled to be done later in the day, so I had no motivation to get up early. I will say that the days I got up early felt more productive, but I didn’t do it consistently.

//July Goals//

//Post Pictures on Facebook

So I seriously suck at posting things on Social Media, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I know my family in other states and countries would appreciate it more if they knew we were all alive. (Seriously, before I created a Facebook, my mom’s siblings hadn’t seen a current picture of her in years.)

A lot of family is also coming down here to see us because my mom’s brother from Austrailia is staying with us for a month.  I know family in Bangladesh would appreciate it if I posted pictures for them to see. (They have told me this)

Random Story to prove my point: I posted my graduations pictures on Facebook during my graduation party because my aunt told me to do it now. If I hadn’t done it, I probably wouldn’t have ended up posting them for another two years, which is what I did with my Sweet 16 photos. (That was a horrible day. I will post on that someday)

So that’s all for this one I guess. “Post more on personal Facebook account so that family can see.”

//Post On Blog Once A Week

I will aim to do more, but I want to enjoy myself this month and not worry so much about blogging. I have already scheduled a few posts throughout the month and one of my friends is going to write a guest post, so expect that post in the coming weeks.

//Schedule Social Media For Blog

I have not been very good about the social media aspect of blogging because I’ve been more trying to create more content and tweak the design for this blog. But I will no longer put it on the back-burner. This is something I need to learn and scheduling social media posts in advance is perfect for me because as I mentioned before, I suck at it.

I mean, really, if I have trouble posting on social media for my family to see, imagine how much worse I will be at posting for my blog.

I have created a Twitter and Facebook Page for this blog, so at least I am somewhat on track.

//Take a bunch of photos

I will be seeing family and traveling and going to a wedding….I am doing so much fun stuff this summer, so I definitely want to document it all and put my new DSLR into good use. Taking pictures isn’t the hard part. Posting them is.

Old picture from my yearbook days
Old picture from my yearbook days

//Tie up all loose ends for college

So my situation is complicated because I am transferring next fall. I’m already in the school, so at least I never have to do the whole application process again (Thank God!!!). My schedule is going to be different and I have some placement exams to take. All this has to happen in the one week I’m in Atlanta. Hopefully, I can finish all this crap (Pardon me) by the end of the month.


//Fun Stuff I Did This Month//

//Went to Florida

We went to Orlando in the first week of June to visit family. My grandma (Well, grandpa’s sister, so I guess “great-aunt” in English) had a brain tumor, so she had surgery to remove it. (Don’t worry, she’s fine). We just went to see her and we got to hang out with the rest of the family.

My uncle is a doctor. When I asked him how long until his residency ends, he said, “14 days. You can tell I’m counting.” So yeah, he finished his residency and can now officially open his own practice. (He’s a pediatrician.)

We’re going back again next week. More on that in my next post.

Also, this is what happens when you give an eight-year-a camera.

She ended up taking a good picture later.
She ended up taking a good picture later.

//Renaissance Festival

I went to the Renaissance Festival with my friends this month. It was really fun.

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Renaissance Festival Friends
Group Picture Renaissance Festival 2016

//Random Hangouts With Friends and Family

One of my cousins slept over for five days. I also met up with an old friend of mine after 2 way-too-long years. I have kept my goal of meeting up with a friend every week. I won’t be able to do that next month because I’ll be traveling and hanging out with family, but that’s okay.

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//I Blogged

I have officially been blogging a month. (Well, it was a month two days ago) It’s been loads of fun, but I still have some tweaking to do in terms of design. Like I said before, I won’t be able to blog as much next month, but I will try to do it as much as I can.

So those are my goals for this month and how I did on my goals last month.

If you want to see how I did on this months goals, go on over and read  my August Goals post.


What are your goals for this month? What fun things did you do? Are you doing any traveling?

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