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As I have mentioned before, I am doing a lot of traveling this month. (I’m so excited!!!) We are taking my uncle’s family from Austrailia around the US because it’s their first time in America. A lot of family from other states are coming to Atlanta, as well. (My cousin from Canada came on Saturday!) We’re also going to New York for my cousin’s wedding, as well. There are so many people traveling with us, we rented a 15 seater van for our road trip. Because of all the stuff I’m doing, I decided to write a post.


//Magic Kingdom

This is the first trip to Disney World for most of the people coming with us, so this is really exciting. I went to Magic Kingdom last year, so I know what rides I want to go on already. Can’t wait!!!

Family picture in front of Cinderella's Castle
Family picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle

//Hollywood Studios

So we’re only going to one other park (Not all four). When my mom’s brother asked her which park to choose, and she said Hollywood Studios. Fantasmic is her (and my) favorite show.

I would have suggested Hollywood Studios, too if they weren’t going through so many renovations. They’re making Star

Wars Land and Toy Story Land. (I’m REALLY excited for both) It would have been wiser to go to EPCOT, but I’m still excited about Hollywood Studios. It’s one of my favorite parks.

//Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)

We usually go to Downtown Disney with my little cousins who live in Florida whenever we go, but we didn’t go last month. I know this disappointed them, but we told them that we’d take them this time.

Picture that came with photo pass

//Hanging Out With Family

That’s the point of these trips, anyhow. To see family. I mean my uncle hasn’t seen his cousins in over 20 years. (Hell, he hasn’t seen his sister in over 20 years. Plane tickets are expensive people. Also, Austrailia is really far away. It’s going to take them two days get to Atlanta. Okay. Mini rant over.)


My cousin and her husband live there. We’re going there for 2-3 days. They are actually going to Disney World with us, so we’re going to stop at Atlanta on the way back, then drive up to Tennessee together. Here is some stuff we’ll be doing.

With our family in Tennessee last Christmas
With our family in Tennessee last Christmas

//Whitewater Rafting

I’ve never done this before, so I’m really excited. There have been a multitude of discussions about this on the Facebook group my dad made. It should be loads of fun.


We’ll probably do some sightseeing there. I really want to see the Nashville Parthenon  (A replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece)

//Hanging Out With Family

Duh. I mean I’ve mentioned this before. I’m ready for backyard bonfires, smores, and family time.

//Washington DC//

We’re stopping there on the way to New York. Here are some sites we’re planning to see.

//Smithsonian Museum

It’s the largest museum in the world. AND it’s free. What more can you ask for. I love museums and this was on my bucket list for a long time.

//Other Landmarks

You know…the basic stuff

  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • White House

//New York//

//Matilda Broadway Show

My cousin Aynan and I are going to watch the broadway show for Matilda. She chose it. The seats are absolutely awesome and Matilda is one of my favorite books, and I’m really excited about the show.

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Throwback to by first Broadway Show

My brothers and I after watching the Broadway Show of Aladdin


So I go to New York a lot because most of my family in America live there. We go to visit all the time. We don’t really do a lot of sightseeing, though because the crowds would be too much for Mysoon. This time, I’m actually doing some sightseeing, which I’m really excited about.

Some Places We’re Going:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Etc.

//Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin is getting married, so we’ll be doing a lot of wedding stuff in New York.

Random Story: So since this cousin is getting married, I’m the next “bachellorette” in the family (in America). So it has started. Last New Year, my uncle joked about how they need to find a husband for me now. (Remember that I had only turned eighteen the month before).

//Hanging Out With Family

I’m going to see 100+ family members on this trip. I’m excited and exhausted already.


//Family staying at our house

We’re still trying to organize the logistics for this. (There is not enough room in our house for everyone). I will most likely end up sleeping on the floor, which is fine with me.

//Georgia Aquarium

We’re going to take them to the biggest aquarium in the world. I didn’t actually know this until recently, and I was surprised. I guess it’s because we’ve gone to it so many times that it didn’t seem as special. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an awesome aquarium. If you’re ever in Atlanta, you should see it.

//World of Coca-Cola

I’ve only been there once and it was actually a pretty fun experience. You get to try every flavor of Coke, you get to see old advertisements, and shows. I recommend you see it.

Before entering the Coca-Cola vault

//Just Regular Fun Stuff And Hanging Out With Family

You know, like movies, roller skating, climbing Stone Mountain, playing board games at home, etc. Just hanging out with family. That one week at home is going to be pretty laid back considering we’ll be out of state most of the month.

So these are my travel plans for the month of July, so I hope you can understand why I won’t be blogging as much. Don’t worry. There will be a ton of travel posts and trip recaps in August.


What trips do you have planned this summer? I would lovve to hear about it in the comments.

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