June Favorites 2017: Books, Movies, Music, Etc.

Hey! I’m back with my monthly favorites post. Here are some previous ones below:

So let’s get into it.


I thought that I didn’t read that much this month, but I read my friend Stellah’s New Year’s Resolutions Check-In and realized that I’ve read a lot. Just not physical books. I’ve used up my reading time reading blogs and fanfiction. I’m not reading any less. I’m just reading different mediums.

1984 by George Orwell – I read this a long time ago and have forgotten everything. It’s a classic that everyone should read. This was written before dystopian novels began filling up your Goodreads feed.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling – I’ve started rereading the Harry Potter series. I haven’t done this since middle school, so it’s been a minute. There are a bunch of little moments I’ve forgotten. These books will probably be the audiobooks I listen to on the way to school next year.


Boss Baby – I watched this with my dad and brother on Showbox. It was surprisingly good. I’ve grown out of animated movies that aren’t Disney and Pixar, but I genuinely enjoyed this one. It was funny and smart.

Moana – They added this movie to Netflix, which is very exciting. We watched it on Eid with a bunch of other kids. It’s still good, even a second time, but I probably won’t watch it again for a while.

Baby’s Day Out – This is a classic. I found out my cousin had never heard of it, so I turned it on at her house and we watched it together. Now that I’m older, it seems so ridiculous that no one ever noticed the baby. I mean, how dense can you be. It was still pretty funny. There was a lot of slapstick humor that’s everywhere in ’90s movies.


I didn’t get a lot of music stuck in my head this month. There hasn’t been any good music on the radio. I usually like at least one popular song, but none of them have been any good. I haven’t listened to music much this month anyway, so the songs below are more good songs I listened to more than others.

Believer by Imagine Dragons – This a good song, though I’m starting to like the KHS cover better.

Despacito by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee – This was supposed to be on last month’s list, but I forgot. It’s still a good song. I prefer the Spanish version over the Justin Bieber cover on the radio.

When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground from Finding Neverland – You’d think I’d get over this show after a month, but I haven’t. I actually didn’t like this song when I watched the show, but it’s grown on me. I spend Eid day listening to this song in the car going from house to house.

//T.V. Shows

Grey’s Anatomy – I started watching this in sophomore year of high school and have watched every episode since. I have never gone back to watch old seasons and I didn’t want to get obsessed with another show, so I went back and watched. I forgot how good it used to be! No wonder it’s been going for 13+ years.

Shameless – My dad’s been recommending this show to me for a while and I’ve finally gotten around to watching it. It’s interesting but VERY inappropriate. I’m on season 4. There are only 12 episodes each season, so I’ve been pretty good at not binge watching. I can stop myself from watching unless there’s a huge cliffhanger. In that case, I procrastinate a lot.


Watermelon and Mangos– They’ve been really sweet this season. My mom gave us both every day during Iftar.

Traditional Eid And Iftar Food – Ramadan was in June, so we had a lot of good food every night. Iftar is in the evening when everyone breaks fast. We had to have dinner every night at around 9 because Summer is the worst time for fasting. Iftar consists of a lot of unhealthy fried food, but it tastes good and we only really have it once a year. I’ll insert a picture below.


Watching Less News – I watched and read a lot less news this month. It was nice. I try to keep up with the news regularly, so this won’t be a sustainable thing, but it’s nice to unplug from the chaos once in a while.

Sleeping In – I know I said in my reflection that I’m going to start waking up earlier, but it’s been nice sleeping in. There are only a few more chapters in my life where I’ll be able to afford to sleep in this much, so I’m appreciating it while I can. Same goes for all this free time.

//Eid Photos

Since Eid was this month, I decided to share a few photos.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you Monday. I should be back from New Orleans by now, so expect a travel recap sometime next week.

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