June Goals

June GoalsI am very good at setting daily goals, but weekly and monthly goals, not so much. I put things like cleaning or getting ahead on assignments off. I’m good at making study plans and project planners, but personal goal-setting is not my most efficient asset. I have plans on how to finish my long-term goals, but I feel that having them written down here will hold me more accountable. So the plan is to post a few goals each month and see how I do. This will hopefully help me get more done.

//Blog 2-3 Times a Week

I want to blog consistently considering I just started and have time this summer. I have an editorial calendar in place and have already gotten ahead on some other posts. I am well on my way to completing this post. Hopefully, I will see through to it by the end of this month.

//Declutter and Organize My Room

As I have mentioned before, I have lived in the same house my whole life. That’s a lot of stuff to accumulate. My closet is probably some people’s personal hell. It’s actually a lot better than it used to be. I want a fresh start before college and I think getting rid of and organizing stuff is a good way to start. Here are some things I plan on cleaning out this month:

      • Closet
      • Desk
      • Jewelry/Makeup
      • Book Shelf
      • Computer

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//Upload and Organize All Photos From the last few years

I need to grab all the photos taken from my mom’s, dad’s, and my phone and organize them. We haven’t done this in about three years, so I want to back them up before we lose them. It will make it easier to look through them, as well.

//Save at least 50% of Income

This should be easy. I am a serial saver, so it’s more likely I will save 90% of it. I want to have a lot of money saved up because I want to travel to Europe next summer. I also want savings for emergencies and for moving to an apartment within the next 2 years. It’s better to start early.

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//Get Out Of Bed by 9 AM every day

I am terrible about waking up during breaks and on weekends. I usually wake up at ten and feel groggy and gross. I feel a lot better when I wake up early. My goal is to wake up at around 8 and lay in bed and read until before 9, then I’ll get up. Reading and stretching in bed makes me feel relaxed. I’m not normally like this when there is school, but I’m giving myself some leeway because it’s summer now.

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