June Reflection: I’m In A Slump + My Get Sh*t Together Plan

//June Reflection//

Hello, lovelies. I have been in a slump. A real “I need to get my sh*t together slump.” It’s not that things are bad necessarily. I’m just really bored. Looking back at previous years, I tend to hit a slump in mid-summer.

Looking back at previous years, I tend to hit a slump in mid-summer. This is because the thrill of summer vacation has left and there’s not as much work for me to do. We also usually travel at the end of summer, so I end up spending a lot of time at home. I know a lot of people jump at the opportunity to be lazy, but I need a project. Otherwise, I get lethargic.

That’s actually how this blog came about. I knew I was going to be bored last summer before we started traveling, so I made this my project.

When I’m in a slump, I don’t feel like writing. It sucks, but that’s what happened last month. It was also Ramadan, so I wanted to spend some time with my family. Even so, I managed to already schedule out posts for the next week and a half. That’s really exciting for me.

The biggest reason fo me being this punctual is because I made a list. A “Get Your Sh*t Together” list. I decided to share it with you today. In order to get out of my slump, I started planning and executing all the things. I hope you enjoy because I love reading this kind of stuff.

//My “Get Sh*t Together” Plan For July//

Because I couldn’t think of another title.

//Schedule Out Blog Posts

I’ve actually done a really great job doing that. I’ve already scheduled four blog posts. You guys are actually going to get three blog posts this week. This has been a trend since I’ve started blogging. Every time I’m out of town, I have posts scheduled out and my pageviews spike. I’m working on having next week’s posts scheduled out too because I’ll be working at that camp for special needs kids from 9-5 every day. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but I won’t have much time to blog. This is why I’m so proud of myself for pumping out so many posts. It’s really helping me get out of this slump.

//Find Something Productive To Do

This is something I’m really excited for. I interned at this company in my Junior year and loved it. It’s called Lekotek of Georgia and I’m working as a camp counselor for special needs kids. I’ve done it before and it’s really fun. It’s also in the field I want to go into, so it’ll help me in the long run. I’m not getting paid or anything. I volunteered. It’s just something I’m really passionate about.

//Study For CLEP Exam

I have signed up and have a time slot for the testing center in mid-July. Doing this will save me a lot of time and money in the long run because I won’t have to take the course. I really need to pencil in study time every day in my busy schedule. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, then a graduation party, then New Orleans, then work starts, and somewhere in the middle of that, I’ll have to take the test. Wish me luck.

//Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

I have sucked at this all summer. I can’t do it! My alarm rings, but I go back to sleep again. It’s not too bad. I’m usually out of bed by ten, but it would be nice to get an early start to the day. My problem is that I stay up late reading. I can’t seem to turn my mind off. Since I’ll have to out of the house by 8:30 every day, it should be easy to get out of bed because I’ll have a reason to get up. This shouldn’t be too bad.

//Use Planner Daily

My schedule is going to be full this month, so I’m definitely going to use my planner every day. I’m justs writing it here for you guys to know that using a planner is very important in terms of me getting it together.

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//Create At-Home Workout Routine

My LA Fitness guest membership is going to expire this month, so I have to create a workout routine to do at home. It shouldn’t be too bad, but I’ll need some more self-motivation.

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//Clean My Room

This is on everyone’s list right. It’s the law of entropy. Things just naturally go into disorder (i.e. it takes an effort to clean, but your room gets messy easily on its own) No matter how hard we try, our rooms always get messy again. I really need to clean mine. It’s not a total mess on the surface, but I’ve spent too much time throwing random stuff in my closet.

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//Read 4 New Books

This shouldn’t be too hard. That’s only one book per week. I know I’ll naturally get back to reading once school starts, but I might as well start early. Like I said, I have read a lot. I just haven’t read a lot of physical books.

//Get Ready For Next Semester

It’s never too early to start preparing, right?

//Prepare And Market For More Students In August

I’ll most likely start doing this at the end of July. It’s better to start preparing for work now that when school starts. My dad is going to help me with this.

//Hang Out With Friends And Family And Do More Fun Things

It’s still summer time, so I want to take advantage. I want to spend more time at the pool with my cousins and spending time with my friends. I’m sad that my friends and I weren’t able to go to the renaissance festival this year. It’s been a tradition, but life gets in the way, I guess. I’m going to the Shawn Mendes concert with my friend Kat at the end of July. I;m excited. I don’t remember the last time I went to a concert.

Basically, all I’m saying that my life is going to be incredibly full this month. I don’t pride myself on being busy, which is why I’m not over scheduling myself too much. I’ll still have three-day weekends and free time at the end of this month. I always get into slumps when I’m bored, so I’ve catered this month around that very fact.


I’m at the beach in Alabama right now. In the Gulf Coast. We should be heading to New Orleans tomorrow. My Instagram is triasha_c if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to. I’m bad at posting pictures, but I’ll be posting on my insta-story on the way. It should be a fun trip.


How do you get yourself out of a slump? 

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