How To Create A Memory Box and What’s in Mine

How to make a memory box. Why you should make one, what's in mine, and ideas on what to put in yours. Having keepsakes in one place keeps you organized and bring you happy memories

//Why I Created A Memory Box//

The reason I made a memory box was because I kept finding all this stuff that was special to me or brought me memories, but they were all just in different crevices of different drawers.

I started gathering them together and putting them in one place. I found a shoe box and put them in there.

Over the years, I’ve decorated the shoe box with scrapbook paper, organized things like special movie ticket stubs, postcards, hotel key cards, etc. into a smash book, and have added and gotten rid of a good number of things into my memory box.

How I've organized special movie ticket stubs
How I’ve organized special movie ticket stubs

Now I’m going to show you why you should make one, what’s in mine, and ideas of what to put in yours. So let’s get to is, shall we?

//Why You Should Create A Memory Box//

Having a little treasure box with nostalgic stuff in it is such a great thing to do for yourself. Whenever I’m feeling down [or just bored], just looking through the box makes me smile.

It’s also a great way to keep track of important artifacts like graduation tassels, your baby blanket, the champagne flutes from your wedding…

Like I said before, things from important milestones in my life were just scattered around different places.

Having nostalgic items in one place really keeps you organized in this way. 

The things in your memory box can be things you show your children and grandchildren. It can be their way of understanding your life.

Keepsakes are things that show who you are. Don’t undervalue that.


//How To Make A Memory Box//

Don’t overthink it.

A memory box shouldn’t be all organized, with laminated papers and dividers to separate things. It should be organic.  Real. Not some decorative thing you see on a Martha Stewart catalog  (Not that those things aren’t real, per say, but you get what I mean.)

There are basically 2 Steps

1.//Get a box – So I used a shoe box, as you all know, but I do actively search for boxes. I look at them in antique stores and other places, but I haven’t found the one yet, so a shoe box will do for now.

2.// Put special stuff in the box – this can be the hard or easy part, but more on that later.

Then there’s an optional step

3.// (Optional) Decorate the box

TA DA!!! [Puts her arms out in a flailing motion] That is how you create a memory box. Now to the hard part. What to put in it.

Before  I give you ideas on what to put in yours, I am going to write about what’s in mine.

Memory Box

//What’s In Mine//


Pins in my Memory Box

  • Disney Pin from my Parents’ 20th anniversary
  • Yearbook Club Pins
  • Robotics Pin
  • Ivy Prep Pin

Looking at decorative pins like these make me really happy. Whenever I see them, I think of a random memory.

The one from my parent’s anniversary reminds me of how we were driving to Florida all day on their 20th anniversary, and I texted my aunt to get a cake for it without them knowing. I remember their faces when we got there, as well as going to Downtown Disney with my cousins and family that night.

The yearbook pins and robotics pin remind me of high school. I won the yearbook pins at a college where a bunch of schools meet with cover designers to make their yearbook covers. My friend who was in a robotics competition gave me the robotics pin when I was volunteering in the kitchen with two of my other friends.

Ivy Prep is the middle school I went to. We got these pins after a meeting that still makes me laugh to this day. Whenever I let my friends from Ivy look  through my memory box they laugh about said pin.

//Graduation Stuff

  • Medal from my Graduation
  • Grad Cap
  • Tassels
  • etc.

You can guess why these are valuable keepsakes to me, so no need to explain.

//Cake Toppers

  • Graduation Party
  • 18th Birthday
  • Family Reunion

Well, cake toppers are pretty self-explanatory. The topper at my graduation was a grad cap, the topper on my 18th birthday was a pink flower and the topper at our family reunion was a Winnie the Pooh. You’ll be able to see it in the picture with my stuff scattered all over the floor. [I mean blog photo background 😉 ]

Here are some things from my memory box.
Here are some things from my memory box.

//Playbill from my first Broadway show

My first Broadway Show was Aladdin. It is SUCH a good show and I truly recommend it.

I remember all the days leading up to it, I was so excited and worried that it wouldn’t meet my high expectations, but it definitely did. I recommend it.

I recommend ANY Broadway show. They’re all so good, I wouldn’t know how to choose. My cousin in Australia chose Matilda, so we’re watching it on this trip to New York. I’m really excited. It’s her first time in New York and her first Broadway show.

//Hair bows from Middle School

So we had to get our uniforms at a really expensive store, get them embroidered, etc. so we spent a lot of money on that stuff. Of course, I kept the hair bows. They also bring me happy memories of middle school and wearing uniforms every day.

//A little bow that we wrapped around cake pops at my Sweet 16

My aunt and I stayed up till 4 AM making pastries and desserts. They looked so nice and professional, you wouldn’t be able to tell we made them.

Memory Box

//An envelope of Chuck-E-Cheese Pictures

Whenever someone came to visit, we’d always take them to Chuck-E-Cheese and go to the photo booths, which is why we have so many pictures with random cousins and aunts over the years. I actually have made an album with just those pictures. The pictures in the envelope are those I haven’t had time to put in the album.

//Necklace from my “House”

This may need a little explaining. My middle school Ivy Prep separated us into “Houses” like Harry Potter. It was great fun (and sort of a waste of time.) We competed for points and had meetings where we talked about setting goals, sisterhood, and all that cliche…stuff. Let’s go with stuff.

I was in House of Wisdom and our colors were purple and gold. I still have a purple necklace that they gave us. (I have no idea what happened to the gold one.

//Novelty Sunglasses from Prom

They’re monogrammed and say “PROM 2016.” They were given to us in gift bags after my senior prom. You can’t see anything through them, but they were awesome for photos at dinner at Steak and Shake.

//Wrist Bands

  • Elementary School
  • Yearbook

I only keep the ones that matter to me, like the ones that remind me old schools and special clubs.

//Renaissance Festival Flag

I bought it at my first Renaissance Festival, so of course, I kept it. It’s a fun thing to look back on

//Name Tags

  • Camps
  • Orientations
  • Etc.

This is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll leave it at that

Disney stuff in my memory box
Disney stuff in my memory box

//Little novelty stuff that brings me good memories

  • Fake mustache from one of my best friend’s sweet 16
  • Mini cowboy hat
  • My Disney Pin Lanyard
  • My EPCOT Passport
  • My dog tag awards from elementary school for reading.

    //What I Do With Paper Products//

  • movie ticket stubs
  • hotel room cards
  • Dance Tickets from High School
  • Special Birthday Cards

Smash Books

I have a smash book I put things like that in. I use my smash book as a journal, too. I add picture collages from events and write stories behind them. I also keep postcards from trips and movie ticket stubs.

I don’t keep everything. I throw away most movie ticket stubs, but I keep the ones that bring special memories like seeing Big Hero 6 on my 17th Birthday, or that time my dad woke me up at 2 AM to see if I wanted to watch a movie. Then we ended up picking up two family friends, raiding Quick Trip for snacks, and watching whatever random movie was on at the moment. [It was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, if you want to know]

//Ideas For Your Memory Box//

  • Travel Souvenirs
  • Special Awards
  • Childhood stuffed animal
  • A set of keys from your first car
  • Baby Blanket
  • High School Letter
  • Special Birthday Cards
  • Sentimental jewelry
  • Bachelorette Party Memorabilia
  • 1st Birthday Candle
  • Disney Autograph Book
  • And basically anything else you can think of.

I hope you  enjoyed this post and hope it inspired you to create your own memory box.


What are some keepsakes that bring you happy memories?

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