My College Night Routine

I published my College Morning Routine a couple of weeks ago and to balance that out, I’m writing about my college evening routine. I personally love routine posts and enjoy writing content like this. If you like it, I hope you stick around.

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1.//Wrap Up Any Work I’m Doing

I usually don’t do work once I get home because I get things done on campus, but if I’m doing something, I find a stopping point so that I can get ready for bed.

2.//Fill In Planner For The Next Day

Or I just check what I have planned for the next day. I check if there is a test coming up that I need to study for or a meeting with a friend. I just get an idea of what I need to do and write a to-do list for the next day based on that.

3.//Pack Bag + Charge Laptop + Lay Out Clothes For Next Day

After that, I make sure I have everything I need in my bag. l refill my ziplock full of snacks and pack some gym clothes. I charge my laptop and leave my backpack next to it so that I don’t forget it. I also lay out the clothes I’m going to wear the next day to save time in the mornings. I spend too much time looking for socks. I usually check the weather to see what type of jacket I need to bring if I need one.

4.//Put On Pajamas + Wash Face + Use The Bathroom

After that, I change my clothes and head to the bathroom. I wash my face using this cleanser. It works wonders.

5.//Brush & Floss Teeth

I floss my teeth every day. I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to flossing. Long story short, all my cavities in the last 8 years have been in between my teeth. I brush my teeth really well, but flossing is important.

6.//Take Off Contacts + Put On Retainer

After that, I head to my room and take off my contacts. I do this before my skincare routine because I don’t want to get any chemicals in my eye. I also put on my retainer right after brushing my teeth so I’m not tempted to eat anymore.

7.//Do Skincare Routine

I wrote a post on this a few weeks ago, so I’ll just link it below. It takes me at most 5-minutes.

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8.//Take Medicine

I have a lot of a lot of environmental allergies. I get allergy shots every month and have to take prescription medication every day. It’s a struggle whenever I don’t. I sneeze and itch all over. It’s not pretty. I usually take my allergy pills and inhaler at night instead of in the morning because I end up forgetting when I have to take them in the morning.

9.//Say Goodnight To Everyone

After that, I go say goodnight to anyone that’s awake. There are at least three other people awake depending on whether or not my grandparents are in the country (They’re in Calgary right now)

10.//Check Alarm Clock

I do this every night obsessively. Otherwise, I’ll stress about whether or not my alarm will wake me up the next morning. I can almost be asleep, but will still get out of bed to check my alarm.

11.//Read In Bed Then Go To Sleep

I need to read in order to fall asleep. It’s a habit I’ve carried with me since elementary school. I don’t read for that long because I read so much on the train, but I still read on my kindle for 15 minutes every night. It helps my brain turn off.

Well, that’s my evening routine. Life is super busy right now, so I’m surprised that I’ve been able to publish twice a week as a college student. I was ahead on scheduling blog posts for a while, but we lost our Wi-Fi during the hurricane. We were lucky that we had electricity because half the state didn’t have it. Even so, I think I’ll still be able to publish Mondays and Thursdays, but I’m a little behind on my blogging schedule so don’t hold me to it too much.

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