My Current College Workout Routine

A College Student's Workout Routine

Hey guys! Since starting college, I’ve been going to the gym almost every day. This is coming from someone who never worked out in high school. I’m really enjoying it. (The fact that it’s free is also a perk) Just to keep a record for the future and to inspire you all to work out more, I decided to post my current workout routine.

(Fair warning: This is going to be a pretty short post.)

//What To Consider When Creating A Workout Routine

What types of Workouts do you enjoy?

This is important. I personally love taking the classes and work out more productively when I take classes. My mom is the same way. Some people prefer running on the treadmill while watching TV (Yes, some treadmills in college have personal TVs where you can change the channels.) You should do whatever works best for you.

How much time do you have?

I prioritize going to the gym because I enjoy it and it really does make me feel better. I think going to the gym makes your day more productive. Even spending just half an hour at the gym will help you immensely.

I try to go to the gym at least three times a week. It’s usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday whenever I can’t go all five days. Whenever I have an exam I need to study for, I usually don’t go. The time I spend at the gym depends on my schedule, but I imake sure to put it in my schedule whenever I have time.

//Monday – General Workout

There aren’t any gym classes on Monday that align with my classes, so I usually just work out with the machines or life weights in the morning before my first class.

//Tuesday – Zumba

I love Zumba. After studying for about two hours, I head over to the gym and take this class. It’s really fun and it relieves a lot of my stress.

//Wednesday – Zumba

Like I said before, I love this class, so I usually take it twice a week. I like the Wednesday class better because I prefer the music. I usually leave this class five minutes early, so I can change and run to my Psych lecture. (Sometimes I go in my gym clothes, but most of the time I change back for respect of my professor.)

//Thursday – Full Body Workout Class

This is a full body workout class, but there is a lot of focus on weight lifting and abs. I’ve actually learned a lot in this class and can do a lot of the workouts at home when I’m alone. It’s also amazing to notice all the progress I have made. I would take this class more if I had time.

//Friday – Pilates or General Work Out

If I arrive at school early enough, I take a pilates class. If not, I usually just work out using the machines. I don’t always work out on Fridays. This is sometimes my break day, but I do attempt to exercise.

//Daily – Ab workout; squats, etc.

I don’t like to do push ups or ab workouts at the school gym. I usually do them at home. I’ve been loving thirty-day challenges recently. A friend of mine was obsessed with them in high school, but I’ve only been starting to do them in the last few months. This is the one I’m doing right now. There are plenty more on Pinterest.

I also dance around my room to refocus myself while I’m studying. I’m thinking about buying weights so that I can do that in between studying.

That’s pretty much it. This is definitely going to change next semester once my classes change, so I’ll update again once that happens. I hope you’ve enjoyed.


What is your workout routine like? What is your favorite thing to do at your college gym? What gym classes do you enjoy taking?

2 thoughts on “My Current College Workout Routine

  1. I love this post! It definitely makes me want to go the gym.
    30 Day Challenges are the best, glad to see you’re having fun with them. I didn’t bring my weights with me from home when I moved into my dorm and I definitely wished I had, it’s a great way to get some nice arm workouts in. You could also think about investing in a pair of light ankle weights to do leg lifts while you’re at your desk.
    My workout routine for the past month has been a failure but I’m definitely going to work to get better at it. This is really good motivation to do so.

    1. You should try taking a weight lifting class at your college. I think you’d enjoy them. Also, I can’t believe you’re not using your gym! You were so excited about having an access to one last year. College gyms also have a bunch of other fun classes like salsa and belly dancing. I haven’t taken any of those, but I would like to. I also haven’t taken a spin class, but I don’t think I’d enjoy it. I’d get bored of doing the same motion for an hour. What’s your ideal workout? (Since you said you haven’t been working out much this month)

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