14 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

14 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

I’m gonna be honest here. I outlined this post before I even created this blog. Yup…it took me a while. It’s not that it’s a bad idea. I had just written so many posts that I never got back to finishing and publishing this one. I think Netflix is a worthy investment because it’s way cheaper than cable (most college students don’t even have a tv) and it gives you something to do when you need some downtime. I personally don’t start any new shows until breaks because I don’t want to get obsessed while I still have school work to do. Anyhow, there are so many shows on Netflix that you can’t possibly make a decision on what shows to watch first, so here are my recommendations on what shows to  binge watch.

1.//Once Upon A Time

This is a show that connects all the fairytales and stories to each other. It’s pretty crazy and the plotlines are really elaborate. There are weird twists and there are also stories that aren’t by the Grimm brothers like Frankenstein and Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde. I also love that the show doesn’t stick to what happens in the fairy tales. I stopped watching at one point, but once I got back to it, I was hooked. I am not doing this show any justice, but it’s a really fun show.

2.//The 100

My dad actually recommended this to me. He and I both love Science Fiction, so he thought I would like it. This takes place in the future after the earth is polluted to the point where it’s unlivable after a nuclear war. To save the human race, many countries sent people up into space into a very large ship called the Ark. Over a century later, the Ark is running out of oxygen, so they need to find a way to survive. They send 100 underage prisoners (All adult prisoners are executed) down to earth to check if it’s still liveable and to conserve oxygen. (This is just the first 2 minutes) This basically follows that plot line. It did not explain it well. Just watch the first episode. Either you’ll be hooked or you’ll stop watching. It reminds me a lot of Lost.

3.//How I Met Your Mother

I personally prefer this over Friends (Don’t hate me!) because I watched it first. I also think it’s way more interesting. I’ll be honest, I watched the first five episodes, got bored and skipped to the end (Season 8, at the time) just to see who the mother is. I came back to it later and loved it. It’s a nice feel-good show where you don’t need to watch the next episode immediately. I love watching reruns during my lunch break (Again, because I don’t start any shows while classes are in session.)

4.//Criminal Minds

This show is ridiculously interesting. You get to see both sides of the story: the detective analyzing previous crimes and the criminal committing them. Watching how elaborately they plan their crimes is enthralling. You can watch this show out of order. It’ll still make sense.

5.//Grey’s Anatomy

Yes……this one. I started watching this in my sophomore year of high school after my friend fangirled about it for months. After the first episode, I was hooked. The surgeries are really interesting. So are the romance plotlines. Well…if the two plotlines were separate, it wouldn’t be that good. But seriously, listen to all the buzz and try it. It’s a seriously awesome show. It’s tapering off now, but the first ten seasons are great.

6.//Girl Meets World

My brother introduced me to this show. This show is every Boy Meets World fan’s dream. The inside jokes make me so happy. You don’t even have to initially be a fan of the show. My cousin from Australia and nephew from Canada watched the first two seasons in three days while they were in America. Then we watched every new episode together as they aired every week. Now, my cousin is watching Boy Meets World in Australia.

7.//Grace and Frankie

I love this Netflix Original (I watched the first season and a half of Orange Is The New Black. It got too depressing for me). It’s about two old women, who don’t like each other very much. Their husbands come out to them, ask for a divorce, then marry each other. This basically follows their lives after. It’s absolutely hilarious, but not in a ridiculously cheesy way (like most comedies now-a-days).

8.//Ghost Whisperer

This may be a little scary for some people. Melinda is a medium and helps spirits cross to the other side. It’s actually a pretty old show. It’s pretty sad, but I like it. The actress who plays Melinda is really good. This show came out way before the whole medium reality show craze kicked in, so it’s not copying that idea.

9.//Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

This show is awesome. It was renewed for 4 more seasons after the first season finished. It follows the life of a famous author who’s divorce is very much in the limelight. It’s filmed really well and it’s definitely addicting.


I had to stick in a reality show somewhere. I’m not really into reality shows unless they are cooking shows or wedding shows on TLC. Everything else bores me. Out of all the reality shows on Netflix, Chopped is my favorite. Basically, four prominent chefs compete to win $10,000. There are three rounds: appetizer, entree, and dessert. After each round, a chef is eliminated by the judges, who are prominent chefs on food network. Each round consists strange ingredients that must be included in each dish. It’s a fun show I like to watch once in a while.

11.//Life Unexpected

This show follows a girl named Lux. She has been in the foster system her entire life. When she turns sixteen, she tries to get emancipated. In order to do that, she has to get papers signed by her birth parents. When she goes to the judge, the judge gives her back to her parents (Who haven’t seen each other since high school). There are only two seasons, so you can finish it pretty quickly.

12.//3rd Rock From the Sun

This is an old 90s show, so of course it’s awesome. Four aliens come to earth disguised as humans figuring out life on earth, trying to understand concepts like rent, gender inequality, etc. I never ended up finishing because school had started, but I plan on getting back to it eventually.


*Sigh. I’m ready for season four. It comes out in 2017. I shouldn’t even call this a show. The episodes are basically movies. (There are three 1.5 hour episodes each season) Each episode is a modern day retelling of the mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s really well-written and filmed. This is my favorite adaptation of the story.

14.//Jane The Virgin

This is my most recent obsession. It was the last new show I binge watched before starting college. The new season started yesterday, and I’m definitely going to follow the show. It’s about Jane who is accidentally artificially inseminated by another man’s sperm when she is getting a pap-smear. The entire show is basically a satire about telenovelas. It’s awesome and the actors are great.

Well, these are some shows that I have binge-watched. If you are a college student, watch responsibly. Don’t let this take up too much of your time. Do what I do and only start new shows during long breaks. (The next show on my list is The Office. Do you have any other recommendations?)


What shows have you binge-watched? What shows are you watching not? (They don’t have to be on Netflix)

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