November Goals

My November Goals (2016 Edition)

Hey, guys! I’m sorry I’m late. It has been a crazy week. I just took my second test today. Plus my cousins from Florida came to visit us yesterday because they had some time. They’re leaving today. With them here and two exams, this blog did not take enough priority this week. That’s okay, though. Be prepared to be bombarded with posts during my winter break.

Also, I was a lot more active on Instagram this month and have figured out how to insert those images into blog posts, so expect many pictures.

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//How I Did On My October Goals//

I didn’t have any October goals because I didn’t want to add anything unnecessary to my schedule. I still got a lot done. I revamped my “About Me” Page. I may change it again because I feel like it’s a bit too cliche, but it’ll work for now. I finished 7 blog posts this month (Which was one of my Semester Goals). I only published 6 out of 7 because I didn’t think one was particularly relevant at the time, but I’ll take the win. I had 5 Exams and 2 essays, so it was a miracle I got so much blog work done. I think I did relatively well on those assignments too. Overall, it was a very productive month.

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//November Goals//

//Buy A Professional Design For My Blog

I have already chosen one and have contacted the designer asking for a few tweaks. The next step is really just to actually buy the design and set it up. I probably won’t have time to set the new design up until Thanksgiving Break, so you should expect that soon.

//Publish 2 Sponsored Posts

I already have one scheduled and am currently negotiating another one, now. I decided to wait to deliver sponsored posts on the blog because I wanted to establish myself a bit. I am in no way against sponsored posts. I just wanted to focus more on just writing in the beginning. This should be a doable goal.

//Make A Study Plan For Finals

Finals start the second week of December, and I want to have a plan before Thanksgiving break. I don’t want to wait until the last minute. I don’t think the exams will be hard; I just don’t want to have too much on my plate.

//Upload All My Notes And Study Guides On Time On Study Soup

I have started uploading my notes and study guides to a site called Study Soup (This isn’t an affiliate link or sponsored). I’ve actually made money from this, so that’s great. I’m a little behind on uploading my class notes, so I want to have all the pictures taken and uploaded by the end of this month.

//Make More Plans To Do Stuff For Fun

I did So much fun stuff in October (More on this later). I met up with a friend every weekend, spent time with my family, went to the movies, etc. I want to do more of that this month.

She threw away all her masks and put on her soul

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//Publish 9 Blog Posts

The goal is to publish more, but I’ll stick with nine. It was originally ten, but that felt like too much and nine is my lucky number.

//Actually Do Something For My 19th Birthday

My birthday is this month! Woo hoo! I’m not really a birthday person (I don’t like it when people pay attention to me), which is why it was a stroke of luck being born on Thanksgiving. Food can overshadow me. I get the presents while the introvert in me hides in a corner.

//Make Connections Through WyzAnt

*Sigh. Networking. It’s a necessary evil of being an adult. I work with special needs kids, so sites like these are ways I find parents and offer my services. I LOVE my job. I don’t like the marketing aspects of it, much. I’ll learn to love it eventually.

//Perfect My Anthropology Paper

This paper is 25% of my grade, so I want to do great on it.

//October Recap//

//Centennial Olympic Park and Skyview Atlanta

My friend and I took marta downtown to visit Centennial Olympic Park

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This was the first really touristy Atlanta thing I’ve done in college. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually been on the Skyview Ferris Wheel before. It was a first for me. It was only $12, and you stay on the lift for a pretty long time. You can see everything from up there: Coca-Cola Headquarters, Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN…can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the biggest news outlet in the south is CNN. I don’t think that fact really hit me until I was on the ferris wheel.

After that, my friend and I ate lunch at Centennial Olympic part, then took the train home. That was a really fun day. The weather was really nice.

Skyview Atlanta. (It didn't rain, surprisingly)

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//I Got A New Phone

I’ve had the same phone since I was fifteen. It was my first phone which was a Samsung Galaxy S3. I would’ve kept on using it, too, but my mom’s phone broke and offered to switch the new one with mine. (She ended up buying another phone because mine was falling apart.) We both now have the Samsung Note3, which is not the one that explodes, for those of you who were wondering. I’m really enjoying the camera.

My only problem is that it doesn’t understand the way I text, yet. I had my other phone for four years, so when I was texting using the swipe feature, it could understand what I was trying to say. Not this phone, though. It spell-checks everything into the wrong word. Oh well. It’ll understand me soon enough.

//General Hanging Out With Friends And Family

There were a lot of gathering with family friends this month. My uncle had a barbecue last weekend, so I got to hang out with my cousins. Two of my friends who go to colleges pretty far away from Atlanta came home on two weekends, so I met up with them. I went to the mall with one of them (which is not something I usually do), and I took my other friend to the new library that my city built (It’s beautiful). I did something every weekend this month.

//I Went To The Movies

My school has a free movie theater for its students (a lot of colleges do). I watched Suicide Squad two weeks ago with a friend. Another day, my dad, brother, and I went to the dollar theater to watch the new Jason Bourne movie. The tickets don’t cost a dollar anymore (they cost $3). My dad was saying that we’ve been investing so much in this theater in the last twenty years, that it now reclining seats. I still wish the tickets were a dollar, though. I can live without renovations.

//I Went To Oglethorpe University

I saw my friend Cindy who goes to Oglethorpe University in Georgia. It was so much fun visiting her. It made me realize how much I’m missing out on college by commuting (I still have no debt, though :D) It was so great to catch up with her and meet her new friends.

//It Didn’t Feel Like The Month Of Halloween

There was nothing particularly exciting about Halloween this month. I didn’t see as many decorations, and all the “Halloween-esque” stuff probably happened in the dorms, so there wasn’t much excitement in my neck of the woods. This really sucks because I really like Halloween. I think it’s a fun holiday.

//Georgia Weather

It is so ridiculously hot here. But not in the mornings, nooooo. It’s 45 degrees in the mornings, which means I have to wear a jacket for an hour. Then I have to carry it around with me when I’m sweating in 80-degree heat. The leaves are still green here. Nothing has fallen. And then it’s going to snow in March because global warming is messing with the seasons. That’s my rant for today.


I honestly wouldn’t mention this if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve heard and had conversations about clowns so many times this month. So I live in Georgia, where the clowns are attacking people. (My friend told me that a clown chased her friend back to her dorm one night). I really wish that people would talk about the fact that people are attacking others. That is the problem. Clowns are losing their jobs over this. I personally don’t have any problems with clowns. I only have happy memories of them at the circus and at birthday parties. I will, however, run away when there is a man holding a gun near me or is looking through my window. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a clown.

//My Friend Started Her Blog

My friend Stellah finally started her blog Fiercely Living. I’ve been anticipating this for months because she had told me about it a long time ago, but she decided to launch in October. If you’re interested, head over to her blog here.

Again, sorry for the late post, but it’s been a long three days. I hope you’ve enjoyed. And here’s picture from yesterday with my family from Florida.

I'm the one with the glasses in the bottom right hand corner. This is literally the only picture of me because I was busy taking pictures of everyone else.
I’m the one with the glasses in the bottom right-hand corner. This is literally the only picture of me because I was busy taking pictures of everyone else.


Did you do anything fun in the month of Ocober? What are your November goals? 

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