How To Have A Productive Spring Break

Hello, lovelies! I know it’s been awhile, but I just haven’t had the desire to write recently. Today is Wednesday, so I’m halfway through my Spring Break. It’s been goin’ by fast. It got off to a rough start in terms of productivity, but I’ve made a few changes in order to make this break a bit more productive. I decided to share some of these tips for you.

//Sleep In

I tried waking up early at the beginning of Spring Break, but I just ended up staying in bed reading or falling asleep again, until it was almost noon. Yesterday, I decided to not wake up at the same time I do while I’m at school and ended up getting so much more done. (Plus, I got to sleep more, so win-win). Don’t set these great expectations about how you’re gonna wake up early and finish all your work before lunch time. It’s just not realistic and you’ll just guilt yourself every time you miss a tiny deadline then not do anything for the rest of the day. I ended up waking up earlier than before because my sleep wasn’t disrupted by multiple alarms.

//Make A To-Do List

I’m a huge advocate for lists because they get all the things I need to do out of my head and on paper (Or a document on my computer). It calms me down and motivates me to get stuff done. There is nothing like the feeling of crossing everything off your to-do list. This is, unfortunately, a rare event because it is never-ending.

//Work Out

I love working out, but I am not great about exercising during breaks. My mom got me a guest pass at LA Fitness that I have yet to use, but this hopefully will not be the case by the end of the week. I have been working out at home, though, thanks to my mom. We’ve set up stations in the living room and spend time doing different exercises. I was a bit wary about it at first, but it has actually been quite fun. (Except her micromanagement and my brother silently judging us)


God, I wish we could’ve gone somewhere over break, but unfortunately, my brothers have school. I guess I could’ve gone somewhere myself, but it’s not worth the time and money right now. Traveling refreshes me so much during breaks. I always feel ready to kick-ass at school again, so I say it is a productive use of my time. If you have the chance, go somewhere. Recharge your batteries. Experience something new. There’s nothing like it.

(For those of you who hate traveling, disregard this point. To each their own, I suppose)

//Schedule More Hours Of Work Or Apply For A Job

If you’re not going anywhere, might as well make some money, right. Either that or start looking for a job or internship for the summer. Funny story (Not really). I can’t find my resume! I’ve made one and have updated it as time goes on, but it has dropped off the face of the earth (AKA: My computer). Someone recently emailed me about a job opportunity and wants my resume, so I have to make another one (*sigh). If you don’t have one, that’s the best place to start in terms of finding a job.

//Clean Your Room

I try to do this every school break. The natural order of the universe is disorder, so your room has probably gotten messy or disorganized over midterms. There is likely something to clean or organize, so add that to your ever-growing to-do list and get to it.

//Read + Catch Up On TV Shows

I don’t think I’ll end up reading that much this week because I finished FOUR books last week (What!). And it was a busy week, too. I don’t have a book lined up right now, so I’ve been getting by on Fanfiction, which I think should count.

I’ve already been caught up with most TV shows I watch, so I didn’t have to think about that. I always tell people that I won’t binge new shows until school breaks, but I haven’t started anything new and probably won’t until summer. I just haven’t had the desire.

My last two breaks seemed to have a theme. During Winter Break, I watched Episodes III, IV, and VII of the Star Wars movies, then proceeded to read a lot of Star Wars fanfiction. This Spring Break, I’ve re-watched old episodes of The 100 and am reading a lot of fanfiction about that series, too. I blame this on the fact that I recently read the books in order to curb my fan-girliness in the two weeks they placed between episodes (It’s coming on tonight! I’m counting the hours)

Basically, all I’m saying is to relax. The stresses of school will come back all too soon.

//Spend Time With Family And Friends

Ironically, I think I’ve spent less time with my family this Spring Break than on a usual school week (Aside from the workouts with my mom). Our schedules just haven’t matched up.

An uncle of mine who lives in Bangladesh came to Atlanta (If you are an American Citizen, you have to come back every few years to file taxes in order to keep your citizenship) and we went out to dinner with some family friends on Monday. We picked them up after school and it was nice catching up. One of them is a junior in high school and the other is in third grade. We watched movies, talked and ate a lot of sushi. That was nice.

This Saturday, a bunch of my girlfriends from middle school are going up to UGA to visit a friend. It’s an hour away, which isn’t that bad of a drive. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!

Plan to do something over Spring Break. If you live on campus, you probably don’t see your family or friends from high school and middle school that often, so take advantage of all the time you have.

//Plan Out The Rest Of The Semester

You’ve passed the midpoint of the semester, so this is the perfect time to reevaluate your goals and create a plan of attack for all your classes. There’s bound to be something you can change to be more productive. Spring Break is the best time to get some planning done. (Actually, you should plan things out throughout the semester, but Breaks are when you’ll have the most time.)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for y’all today. My professors are evil and have scheduled three tests on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Spring Break, so I’ve got a ton of studying to do (After a lot of sleeping in, of course). Thankfully, my presentation isn’t next week, or I’d die. (metaphorically)

I hope you all are enjoying Spring Break, or enjoyed it last week or are looking forward to it next week…. colleges really should coordinate this better.


What are your Spring Break plans? What do you do to stay productive over breaks?

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