Summer Workout Routine (2017)

I remember the first time I went to my school’s gym to sign the form (The gym is free. I just had to sign a liability form about injuries). There were these two guys talking. One said, “I haven’t worked out in three months. This is going to be painful.”

After working out for the first time this year, I knew that I wanted to continue being consistent in terms of exercise. I don’t want to stop for three months, then get back into the swing of things in August. That’s why I’ve been consistently working out since summer started. Here’s the routine I’ve established:

//Where I Work Out

I work out at LA Fitness. It’s where my parents work out, so they were able to get me a guest pass. I know it’s pricey, but they worked out at that gym before LA Fitness bought it, so they still get to pay the original price of the other gym which is $10 a month. Unfortunately, they still have to pay the LA Fitness price for me, but I guess that’s extra motivation for me to go every day.

I would’ve gotten a membership at Planet Fitness, but they don’t offer workout classes, which are what I usually do at the gym. They only charge $10 per month if you’re interested.

//When I Workout//

In the beginning, I tried to wake up early every day to take a morning class, but couldn’t do it. I want to enjoy sleeping in while I can. This is why I’ve started working out in the early evenings around 4:30. That’s usually when I hit a rut during the day and need something scheduled to keep me going. Having a specific time to go to the gym let’s me mentally picture my schedule. It also let’s me know when to get changed and start driving.

//Workout Routine//

This is how my workout usually goes. It changes depending on my schedule. I alternate between cardio and weightlifting classes throughout the week. I tend to skip one of these days and don’t work out on weekends, so it adds up to about 4-5 days a week.

Monday//Body Works

This is a full body workout classes. It’s basically an hour of weightlifting, lunges, squats, ab workouts, etc. I’ve really been enjoying weightlifting in the last few months, so I’ve been focusing more on those types of classes. Cardio burns calories and fat, while weightlifting only burns fat.


I mentioned in my workout routine from the first semester of freshman year that Zumba was my favorite class. Unfortunately, none of the times matched up with my schedule in second semester, so I couldn’t take any. I was so excited to take them again this summer. I love dance workout classes. They’re so fun! They don’t feel like exercise.


This is one of those classes where there are stations around the room and you have to do each workout for a certain amount of time. For example, one station could be punching a punching bag for three minutes, then I’d do 100 lb deadlifts, then move on to mountain climbers…it’s easy to work up a sweat here. It’s hard not to cheat and take breaks.

Thursday//Zumba or Step or Cycling

This is a repeat. Like I said, Zumba is my favorite class, but sometimes I switch it off with Step or Cycling to keep things interesting. Spin classes are the definition of hell by the way. It becomes less painful the more you do it, but it’s hard not to quit after the first class.

Friday//Body Works

And once again, a weight lifting class. I’ve already explained this class before. Sometimes on Fridays, I work out on my own, but I usually take another class. I want to get my money’s worth.

//Healthy Eating//

I don’t count calories or even check my weight. I eat much healthier during the school year because my days are full. My struggle during summer break is sugar. I try not to eat a lot of sweets, but fail miserably from time to time. Other than that, I eat really well. I eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from unhealthier food. I do eat bread, potatoes, pasta, cheese, and many other popularly “unhealthy” foods. As long as I eat everything in moderation, it’s fine. (I don’t really pay attention. I just eat what my mom cooks)

//Other Aspects Of Health//

In terms of health, I’m doing great. My blood test came back from the doctor’s a few weeks ago and my cholesterol is down (I’m at risk for high cholesterol and diabetes because it runs in my family0, which is good. I’ve actually gained weight in the last year. The only times I check my weight are at doctor’s appointments, so each time, I noticed the number go up. All of that is probably muscle because I look and am healthy.

I had never worked out before last August, but I am naturally slim because of my height, so no one bothered thinking that I was unhealthy. But in the last year, people have asked if I’ve lost weight because I’m a lot leaner. I look more athletic. There are other measures of health. Not just weight.

Overall, I have a lot more energy than before and working out consistently during the summer will hopefully keep me that way.

Well, that’s my summer workout routine. I hope you’ve enjoyed.


What is your summer workout routine? How are you staying healthy this summer?

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