Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

Something you all should know is that I really want to travel the world. I have never actually left the country before. Don’t get me wrong, I traveled around the U.S a TON with my family, (I’ve been to New York about a dozen times) but I’ve never left the country, so making a travel bucket list is my way to make sure I make the time to travel in the future.

I’ve said this before. My brother has autism, so it doesn’t financially or logistically make sense for us to travel so much. Taking Mysoon (my brother), on a plane would be extremely stressful and there would be so many problems if we did so. Also, until recently, I didn’t have all of my vaccinations (which is a choice my parents made that I can understand), so it probably is a good thing I’ve never left the country. (Seriously, when I got my last shot, I announced to my friends, “I can now leave the country without dying”)

My grandparents and parents have traveled a lot. My grandfather was actually in the United Nations, so he’s been to about 50 countries (He’s also been to space, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). My dad and his brothers traveled around with him spent many years at a boarding school in Thailand.

Wanderlust has obviously infected me through my lack of international travel and through my family’s stories. I plan on saving money and traveling soon, so here is a list of countries I would LOVE to go to.

//North America//Grand-canyon



I mean, I live here, so I suppose this one is done. I’ll post a U.S travel bucket list later on, so I won’t elaborate on certain places here. I’ve been to Time Square, California, Disney World, Harry Potter World (That had to be inserted in here), D.C… I’ve done a good amount of traveling in the U.S.


I have been to Niagara Falls, but I don’t know if that counts as U.S, Canada, or both. There are other parts of Canada I would like to see. Montreal looks beautiful and I have family up in Calgary who I’d love to visit.


One of the seven modern wonders of the world is there. I would also love to swim in some of the Cenotes and see the ancient ruins. The beaches also seem nice. I’m not as much into beaches as historical sites. I enjoy museums or doing things like riding boats or diving while traveling rather than hanging out at the beach.

//Latin America//




Hiking up Machu Picchu is a goal of mine. It seems beautiful in pictures and there are other ruins along the way. Seeing the temple after a long and rigorous hike is a feeling I want to experience. I would also like to ride a boat along the Amazon River and see the Amazon Rainforest, but Incan Ruins would be my top priority if I went to Peru.

//Costa Rica

I’ve never surfed before and people say that Costa Rica is the best place to surf. There are also so many natural wonders there like waterfalls, rainforests, and volcanoes. I would love to see them.


The movie Rio made me really want to go to Brazil and see the festival Carnival. It seems like so much fun. It’d also be cool to learn how to dance samba.


I took Advanced Genetics in High School (It’s actually a college class) and I feel like I heard about Charles Darwin and his studies on evolution and natural selection every other week. The Galapagos Islands are a must-see for any science geek like me.




//The United Kingdom

I mean, duh. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes! Sign me up. I would love to tour the set of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studio and visit all the museums. There are other things too, like riding the London Eye (The view must be AMAZING!) and seeing Stonehenge.


My grandpa got three PhDs in France and my brother is named after a French soccer player, so that is reason enough for me. Paris is also one of those bucket list worthy places with all of the landmarks there.


I would really like to study abroad here. The culture seems so fascinating to me. There are also so many cool festivals like La Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls. I’m interested in seeing a bullfight, but I don’t really agree with the practice. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to visit, though my Spanish probably won’t be as useful because we learn the Latin American dialect of Spanish in the U.S, which is different from the European one.


I will admit that I never had the urge to visit this place until I read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. This won’t be the last time a book influences my desires to travel. I also want to visit the Anne Frank Haus because I read her diary when I was eleven.


Forget the historical significance. Bring on the food! I can live on pasta and ice-cream (I’ve never actually had gelato) and I’ve heard that Florence has the best steak. The historical significance also influences my wanderlust. Who wouldn’t want to see the arena of the first version of the Hunger Games (You know I had to put a book reference in there). The landmarks alone are a reason to go. And food. Don’t forget the food.


I just want to see the mountains. They look breathtaking in photos and I would love to see them for myself.


It just looks beautiful in pictures. I would also like to see the Blue Mosque and try the food.


The historical significance is what makes me want to go there the most. I would also like to see what’s left of the Berlin Wall.


One word. Chocolate. Wait! There’s another word. Waffles.


I will admit that the only reason I want to go there is because of the Sound of Music Tour. My dad and I used to watch that movie ALL THE TIME. I would LOVE to see the set.


I want to see the Auschwitz Concentration Camp


Moscow seems so beautiful and who wouldn’t want to see the place of the legendary story of Anastasia.





My family is from there and I’ve never actually been there before. I would love to go there at least ONCE in my lifetime.


I would love to see the Taj Mahal and participate in the Holi festival. There are other landmarks too, but those two are my biggest desires for going there.


Historical significance again. I would also like to cross the Great Wall of China. At one point my goal was to cross it more times than my grandparents (They’ve crossed it three times), but I don’t think my asthma will allow me to go to China four or more times.


It seems like a beautiful place, plus anime and comic books and sushi. Sign me up!


My dad and his brothers lived there for years, so of course I want to go there. I’ve heard stories and would love to see the country.





Floating in the Dead Sea is on my  bucket list. I would also like to visit Jerusalem because I find religion is a really interesting subject.


Petra is one of the seven wonders of the modern world and I would love to explore it.


I would love to see the pyramids, ride a camel, visit the museums, cruise along the Nile… I feel like I would learn so much by going there. Crossing off some stuff off the bucket list wouldn’t hurt.

//South Africa

It would be an awesome place to swim with sharks.


I don’t necessarily have to go to Morocco for this, but I REALLY want to see the Sahara Desert in person.





I have family there and I would love to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, see the Sydney Opera House, and camp in the Outback. Australia is always portrayed as the ultimate adventure spot.





Visiting all seven continents is one of my life goals, so this place is a must. One of my teachers from High School went there and the pictures looked beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to tell people that they’ve been to Antarctica?!?!?!?


What’s on your travel bucket list? What cool countries have you been to?

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