6 Things All College Students Should Make Time For

6 Things All College Students Should Make Time For

So I’ve been in college for a while now and have noticed a lot of things college students don’t prioritize. We have so many items on our to-do lists, but we don’t enough time to do them all. Since I’ve been talking about self-care a lot more on this blog recently, I decided to talk about six things college students should make time for.


This is a biggie. It’s not even that people don’t have time for sleep. They simply don’t do it. They wait until the last minute to finish their work and stay up late doing it. This was a huge problem at my high school. People just couldn’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that I got 8 hours of sleep every night (It was at probably 7). The only differences among them and I were that I prioritized sleep and didn’t waste too much time watching Netflix.

Another reason sleep is better for you is that it consolidates memory. After going to class that day, you will retain the information much better if you sleep enough afterward. The day before the test, you should study as much as you can, then go to sleep early in order to keep the information in your brain long-term.


I’ve told you about my love of working out since starting college. Working out always gives me a break during the day. It also makes me feel good. Whenever I skip days, I don’t feel as energetic and miss doing it. Prioritizing working out over an extra hour of studying is worth it because it’ll make your day more productive. (You know you spend half that study time procrastinating on studying)

3//Making Lunch

Moving away from health, let’s talk about money. It took the first three days of college for me to get sick of eating out. My parents were paying for my lunch, but I still didn’t like how much I was spending on food. I feel like all the restaurants in Atlanta up their prices knowing that college students will pay for food out of convenience. (Great business tactic, but not so great for the students). Eating out also stopped feeling like a luxury. It was becoming an everyday thing.

So now, I bring my lunch to school at least 3 days a week. I limit myself to eating out twice because I still enjoy eating outside food. (My mom or I also don’t feel like cooking some days). This saves me more or less $25 per week. It takes maybe 7 minutes the night before but saves me a good amount of cash.


AKA, the thing that stops me from going crazy. Having a plan and a to-do list every day allows me to be productive and gives me peace of mind. I know exactly what assignments and work I need to get done each week. I also have test dates on the back of my mind weeks in advance. This saves me so much stress.

5//Time With Friends and Family

These are times that I really enjoy. Staying in your room all day cramming information for your exams is no way to live. Take a small break and hang out with your family or talk to a friend on the phone. That’s a mental break everyone needs once in a while.


This may be hard considering most college students have roommates and suite-mates. I currently live in a house filled to the brink with people. I am lucky because I am the only one with her own room, but this still doesn’t mean I am ever alone (The walls are thin, so I can hear every little noise, which is why I try to get all my studying done at school). I usually schedule my “me time” in the mornings when half the people in my house are gone (mom and brothers) and the other half are still asleep (dad and grandparents). I have noticed that my mornings don’t feel as relaxing when my grandparents are awake and upstairs. This introvert needs some time where she doesn’t need to talk to anyone before she goes to a city full of people.

During high school, my “me time” was in the car alone, when I was driving to school. (My mom and brothers were awake when I left in the mornings)

Well, I guess that’s it. I hope all of you voted today. I am optimistic that we won’t have the beginnings of an international crisis tomorrow.


What are some things you make time for as a college student?

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