My Fall 2017 Semester Goals

I wrote out my Fall Semester Goals last year but never wrote another post on how many goals I had accomplished. I had accomplished most of them but not to the extent I would’ve liked. Fifteen goals for fifteen weeks is a lot, so I’m just going to aim for ten goals this semester. After writing out my goals, I noticed that most of my goals were personal and not academic, which I think is good for you all to see because college isn’t just about school. There are a lot of other things involved. I hope you enjoy.

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1.//Publish A Blog Post Twice A Week

Can I get  a “whoot whoot.” Sorry. That was lame. I don’t actually say that in real life. I’m scheduling out blog posts for the month of September and I really think posting twice a week will be doable. If I get ahead enough, you guys may also get a bonus blog post once in a while. I’m trying to get a lot more serious about blogging and consistently posting content has made a huge difference. My pageviews in the last two months have surpassed my pageviews in the year before.

(P.S. My new posting days are Mondays and Thursdays)

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2.//Get Straight A’s

There are many small goals attached to this which include paying attention in class, turning in all my assignments on time, etc. but I think this can be done. I’ve done it before.

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3.//Go To The Gym Twice A Week

In the last few weeks, I realized that going to the gym every day I’m on campus is not going to be sustainable this semester. I think twice a week will suffice, though I’m sure I’ll go three times a week most weeks. I’ll just work out more when I’m at home.

(P.S. My body is so sore right now. I went to Bootcamp yesterday and typing this post is hurting my arms)

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4.//Go To Disney World

My friend Kat is in the Disney College Program and my friend Stellah and I are planning on visiting her. We’ll either drive or take the bus to Orlando and stay in Kat’s apartment. We also have family down there, so we could also stay with them. Kat can get us discounted if not free tickets, so the trip is basically paid. We’ll probably go down there at the beginning of Thanksgiving Break. It should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait! I should be able to cross this off my College Bucket List soon.

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5.//Leave House By 10 AM Every Morning

Last year, I’d leave the house by 9 every morning, but I can barely get myself out of bed by 9 this year. I go to sleep at the same time, but I just lay in bed for half an hour or more every morning trying to get myself out of bed. It’s fine, though. I classes are later in the day, so I don’t necessarily need to leave the house until 11:45, but I like getting there early and getting stuff done. Leaving before nine gives me an opportunity to do that.

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6.//Double Monthly Blogging Income By The End Of The Year

I need to get more serious about blogging. I’ve gotten really good at scheduling out content early. I’ve already scheduled most of September’s blog posts, but I need to put an effort in monetizing and getting more serious. I think it’s possible to double my blogging income by December.

7//Book The Plane Ticket To Bangladesh

I’ve saved enough money to visit Bangladesh, which is where my parents are from, but I haven’t booked the plane ticket yet. It’s something I really want to do, but the thought of going is really scary. My heart races every time I think about this trip because my parents don’t want me to go. I know I’ll end up doing it. It’s just the thought of getting on a plane and leaving for a month is what freaks me out.

8.//Join A Club

I’m planning on joining my school’s Her Campus Chapter. I’m already a part of the InfluenceHer Collective and love reading Her Campus, so I wouldn’t mind writing for them.

9.//Read 10 New Books

I will definitely read more books than that, but I’ve been recently struggling to read new books. I’ve reread 5 books in the last two weeks. I’ve been in the mood to reread books recently, but I’d like to get back to reading books I haven’t read before. I’m going to Yallfest which is a Book Festival held in Charleston with my friends in November and there are going to be so many amazing authors there (Veronica Roth, Becky Albertalli, Kiera Cass, Cassandra Claire, Angie Thomas, And so many others). I want to read some books by authors I haven’t heard of, so that should be fun.

10.//Wear My Glasses Once A Week

I don’t think I’m going to complete this goal because I don’t like wearing my glasses. I’ve recently started wearing them more, but that’s usually when I stay home all day. I don’t think I’ll wear them to school that much, but I’ll aim for wearing them twice while I’m on campus.

Well, those are my main goals for this semester. I have a few financial goals for myself as well that I’m not going to share. I have three trips planned for this semester. I’ve already saved enough money for them, but I still want to build up my savings more so that the dent from those trips isn’t so big.

What are you’re semester goals? Are you taking any trips in the next few months?

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