The First One


Whoa. I actually did it. I started a blog.

Of course, you people know that. You’re reading it right now.

My name is Triasha. You can read all about me in that “About Me” tab that was so difficult to write. I’ve been planning on doing this for a while.

My friends have been telling me to start a blog, but I always said I’d wait till college. I graduated High School a few days ago (pictured above), so I’m a few months early.

I actually started writing for this blog back in January, in my senior year of high school. I wrote a bunch of posts and did a ton of research (Because if I’m going to do this, I’m not doing this halfway.)

So some of the posts I will be publishing were written before. That’s okay. I plan on editing them so that they are relevant to what’s happening right now.

So… Welcome to my little corner of the internet

I plan on writing a ton on high school and college life because that is where I am in life right now. I also plan to write a lot about travel because I will be doing quite a bit of that this summer.

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So… Here is why I started this blog

Two words. Peer Pressure.

I’m joking. I’m joking.  A close friend of mine started blogging a few years ago, and she has been trying to spread this disease to our little friend group from middle school to do so, as well. As you can see, I have been infected.

I have always loved writing, but I never thought I could ever put anything I write out there while showing my identity (I used to write stories on fanfiction and other sites under aliases). But I guess I am now.

Why I’m Doing This?

In the long run, I want to start my own business or non-profit of some kind, so I need to get used to putting myself out there and branding myself. I also must get better at social media (blech!) because that is where the world is going. I will need to learn this stuff to get sponsors, donations, etc.

Also, I want to document my life.

I am pretty good at taking pictures and journaling, but I don’t really write about what’s going on in my life. I usually just write about my feelings and my short and long-term goals. This blog is my way of changing that.

I want to hold myself accountable to my goals

I want to have a life worthy to blog about. I want to travel and study lots of subjects (I’m that dork that enjoys school) and get married and have a family. I want to write about all the adventures in my life as they come and I hope you’ll join in reading about these endeavors.

Well, that’s it. I hope you stick around, sort of. I’m new to this blogging thing, and I don’t know how I feel about everyone reading what I write.

Well… here I go.


Now, where is that publish button?

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