How To Start Drinking More Water In College

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How To Start Drinking More Water In College

Way too many college students run around dehydrated, claiming that they’re superhuman and don’t need water. I think college students need water the most to flush out all the junk food and alcohol in their system. Even if you are a total health nut, us college students are sometimes too busy to remember to get a sip of water (Yet we always require morning coffee) Dehydration is SCARY guys. Look up the side effects! I know because I was once hospitalized for dehydration. Don’t make my mistake. Here are five ways to drink more water in college.

1.//Ask For Water When You Eat Out

I eat out significantly more now that I’m in college. It’s inevitable. Whether you do it out of social obligation or convenience, it’s not the healthiest option. I’m not preaching health to you. I’m enjoying my metabolism while I can, but a great way to drink more water is to always order it when you go out to eat. Soda actually dehydrates you, so it’s counterproductive. Since you are going to eat out a lot in college anyway, you might as well make this an excuse to drink more water. Water also doesn’t break bank. Keep that in mind broke college students.

2.//Carry Around A Water Bottle Everywhere

This is the best way to drink more water. The convenience of it alone will make you more likely to drink.

This is the best tip I can give you. I use this Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle. It’s certainly the best one I’ve ever used. I’ve gone through three water bottles this year. The first two started leaking pretty quickly, which is not a good thing for a commuting college student. This water bottle is sealed and I don’t have to unscrew anything when I drink. I just flip the top up. It keeps everything cold too. Whenever my mom puts ice water in hers and leaves it in her car in the Georgia heat, the ice cubes are still solid, so she vouches for the temperature control. She’s already bought two more!

3.//Keep A Glass Of Water On Your Nightstand

I started doing this two years ago and now I crave water first thing in the morning. It’s not that hard. I just fill the glass the night before. After awhile, you’ll notice your dehydration, which’ll force you to drink water every morning. It really works! Just try it.

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4.//Infuse Your Water

I know that many people don’t like the taste of water. A few of my friends don’t, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from drinking it. I sometimes infuse my water which means I cut up fruit and add it to my bottle. This gives makes my water taste better. I personally prefer lemon, but you can put other fruits in it. My mom sometimes puts okra in hers because it’s healthy. I personally think it’s gross but to each their own. Lemon water has a lot of health benefits, but I’ll let you look that up on your own.

  • Ideas To Infuse Your Water
    • Lemon
    • Cucumber
    • Mint
    • Strawberries
    • Basil
    • Blueberries
    • Oranges
    • Kiwi

Pretty much every fruit works. Except for banana. Don’t put bananas in your water.

5.//Find Ways To Get Enough Water Elsewhere

If you have tried and tried again and STILL can’t bring yourself to drink it, stop torturing yourself. You still need to drink water, but also strive to get it from other places. Fruit  is a good source of water. So are smoothies. I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get enough water in your system. You just have to get creative. I still stand by the “carry a water bottle around.” You can train yourself to like water just from the convenience of it.


I hope I’ve convinced you to drink more water. Wars will be fought over it in a few decades.

Also, I was hospitalized for dehydration when I was five. Not during college. I just thought it was a compelling way to introduce the post. Until next time!


Will you utilize any of these tips? What is your favorite type of flavored water? Mine is pomegranite.

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