May Reflection 2017 | An All Or Nothing Type Of Month

As you all know, May was the start of my summer vacation. My last final was on May 1st, so this was obviously not a “school-centric” month. This month was very much about establishing a routine and being productive. I wasn’t very good at doing that. This was very much an all-or-nothing type of month. You’ll see what I meas as I get into the post.

//I Took a break

The first few days I was pretty lazy. I woke up late, read books, watched t.v…you know, the usual relaxing stuff. I didn’t do that for too long because I don’t enjoy doing nothing. It makes me restless because I like to feel like I’m accomplishing something, so after like three days, I moved on to the next thing.

//I Worked A Lot More

And I loved it. It was great. I wasn’t home all day, I was doing something helpful, and I was earning money. It’s a nice feeling. I would come home really tired, but it was the nice type of tired. Because of that, I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to.

//Falling Behind On The Blogging Front

During the school year, I had sort of lost the drive to blog. I had a lot of other work to do and the idea of writing a blog post twice a week was an added stress, so I only blogged once a week. I started off May with a goal of publishing a post three times a week. Sometimes I got it done (like this week for example), but other weeks, I was so busy with work or would procrastinate to the point where I only published once or twice that week. I’m still getting back into the swing of things, but I’m getting better. June will be a better month for me.

//I Created A Workout Routine

I was worried about not being able to workout as much because I wouldn’t have easy access to a gym. Whenever there was a school break last year, I didn’t workout at all and I didn’t want to get back into the practice of not exercising. For me, working out is more about being consistent than losing weight.

The first week of summer, I used the free guest pass for LA Fitness. It only lasts for a week, so I went almost every day. After that, there were a few days where I couldn’t go to the gym, but once my mom got me a guest pass for the next two months, I started working out almost every weekday. It was much easier to get myself to workout when I could just walk to the gym, but knowing that my parents were paying for a membership gave me the motivation to go.

(That’s also why  I started working out so much in college in the first place. Before last year, I never worked out. I just used the gym because it was covered by my tuition and it would be a waste not to use it.)

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I Didn’t Read Much Or Watch A Lot Of T.V.

Comparitively. I’m sure my parents would disagree, but I didn’t watch a lot of television. I didn’t really read much either. This is because I knew I would get obsessed and not do anything productive. I only started two new shows this month and finished both in a day (separate days, mind you). They were pretty short, but I knew starting a new show would make me procrastinate on my goals. The same goes for books because all the new books I started, I finished in a day. I would just coop myself up in my room and not do anything else.

This is why I spent most of the month reading my favorite parts of books I’ve read before and watching one or two episodes of Friends every day during meals (I only watch T.V. when I eat. Family dinners aren’t a thing at my house.) I would’ve blogged significantly less if I had started any new shows or books because that is something that takes self-discipline. With work and exercising, I had actual appointments for classes and stuff that I actually had to do in a timely manner, while blogging is definitely a flexible thing, which is why I didn’t read as much as I wanted to.

//Family Visited

My grandparents came home and my cousin and her husband from New York visited this month. I mentioned talked about this in Wednesday’s post, so I’ll just insert some pictures here:


//I Was Either Super Productive Or Procrastinated A Lot

Like I said, it was an all or nothing month. Some days, I had everything scheduled out and planned to the point where I had something to do every hour, while other days were filled with reading or watching television. In June, I’d like to establish a routine, where I can get everything done in a balanced way. I would like to wake up earlier because I haven’t been able to do that. Unless I have an appointment, I hit snooze until it’s 11 AM.

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