September Goals

September Goals 2016

Sorry I’m late! Blogging has really fallen behind in terms of my priorities, but I’m going to pick up the pace this month. Here are my September goals for those of you who are interested.

//Recap of August Goals//

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  • Meet With My Advisor-I did this in the beginning of August. I fixed a bunch of different problems and was able to get some really good advice and insider tips from him.
  • Walk My College Schedule and Figure Out Marta Before School Starts-I did this three times before school started. I walked around with a friend of mine the first two times, then the third time I went into all the buildings and found the classrooms and lecture halls I would go to. This made the first week of college go very smoothly. I was actually able to give people directions.
  • Organize Email-Done! Do you know the last time I saw my email completely empty (Including the “Social” and “Promotions” Tabs)? Never! Well, maybe once or twice in the beginning, but those don’t count. I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job keeping it
  • Buy a Laptop– This is sort of done. We fixed a Lenovo laptop that we already had, but the battery life is terrible. So I also use the laptop I was using last summer. So I currently have two laptops. I’ll buy a new one soon. We’re just looking for a good deal.
  • Schedule A Bunch of Posts Before College Starts-Fail! I completely failed at this. After such a long trip, I fell out of the habit of writing regularly. I also didn’t plan my editorial calendar very well. I’m not even going to put starting college as one of my excuses because I did have time to blog. I just kept procrastinating on blogging.
  • Create a Privacy Policy or Disclosure On My Blog-I initially was overthinking this. It was originally pretty long, but I decided to make it short and sweet. I still haven’t started making money or anything. I’m just setting up for that.
  • Make More Connections Through– I had honestly forgotten that this was one of my goals. It was always at the back of my mind. I just didn’t do it. If I had remembered that it was on my goals list for last month, I would’ve made it a larger priority.

//September Goals//

//Create A Routine

Now that I have an idea of what college is like, I’m going to try to make a regular routine. Since every day is somewhat different, it’ll be harder. Some days I can wake up later. Some days I have time to stay at the gym longer or study more. So far, I’ve been able to finish all my homework while I’m at school, so that hasn’t been a problem. I just want to create a regular routine.

//Update My Editorial Calendar

So I wrote September’s editorial calendar in July. I want to update it so that it works for my new schedule. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to update at least once a week, if not twice.

//Join A Sponsorship Network

If I want to turn this blog into a side-hustle, this is a good place to start. Before I do this, I have to fix Google Analytics because it’s not showing the correct statistics. I got 15,000 page views in July according to Google Analytics on my site, but it only shows 2 page views on the Google Analytics web page, which is literally impossible according to Pinterest pins and other views. I have to fix a code, so that’s something I have to do this month.

//Make A Study Plan

Tests are going to come up this and next month, so I want to prepare early. I’ll write a post for you on how to make one soon. ‘Kay?

//Make Connections Through

This was my goal for last month. I am REALLY going to make this a priority this month. In fact, it is on my to-do list for today.

//August Recap//

//Pool Party With My Friends

This was our last get together before going off to college. It was so fun! We went out for lunch. Then we went to the pool. After that, we hung out at my friend’s house. It was nice.

September Goals-August Recap-Pool Party

//I Saw Finding Dory

What took me so long, right? My family and I watched it last weekend at the Dollar Theatre in 3-D. It was really good considering it’s a sequel. It lived up to the hype.

//I Started College

This is the biggie in terms of this month. I wrote a short reflection at the end of this post if you’re interested. So far, I really like college. I have awesome teachers and loads of free time. Much more than high school.

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What are some of your goals for this month?

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