50 Blog Post Ideas For College Students

Hello, lovelies! I know a lot of college students who have started blogs, but it’s hard to stand out in such a saturated niche. I’ve been very lucky to have gotten to where I am in terms of this blog, but coming up with unique blog post ideas can be difficult.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of ideas for you all. Remember, in order to stand out as a college blogger, you need to put your own spin on these things. I hope this helps.

  1. College Morning Routine
  2. College Evening Routine
  3. Dorm Tour
  4. College Apartment Tour
  5. College Time Management Tips
  6. Things To Do The Summer Before College
  7. College Productivity Tips
  8. How I Use My Planner As A College Student
  9. How I Budget In College
  10. College Essentials (Dorm, Commuter, Fashion, Fitness, Etc.)
  11. College Packing List
  12. Healthy Habits For College Students
  13. College Workout Routine
  14. Day In The Life Of A College Student
  15. College Study Tips
  16. How To Make The Most Of Your Meal Plan
  17. Dorm Room Decor Inspiration
  18. Roommate Tag
  19. Roommate Contract Example
  20. Surviving Sorority Recruitment
  21. My Sorority Recruitment Experience
  22. What I Eat In A Day
  23. Safety Tips For College Students
  24. How To Survive A College Party Without Drinking
  25. How To Survive Living With Your Parents In College
  26. How To Keep In Touch With Old Friends When You Go To Different Colleges
  27. How To Prepare For College
  28. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Year Reflection
  29. Ways To Save Money In College
  30. Things To Do In Between Classes
  31. College Fashion Staples
  32. Taking A Mental Health Day
  33. Semester Goals
  34. College Move-In Day Hacks
  35. Books All College Students Should Read
  36. College Self-Care Tips
  37.  Tips ForLong Distance Relationships In College
  38. How I Practice Self-Care In College
  39. How To Make The Most Of Class Time
  40. Top 10 Memories From (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) Year Of College
  41. How To Get Enough Sleep In College
  42. How To Deal With Mid-Semester Slump
  43. Tips For Surviving Busy Days In College
  44. Essay Writing Tips
  45. My Study Routine
  46. My College Bucket List
  47. Tips On Surviving Freshman Orientation
  48. How To Save Money On Textbooks
  49. Ways To Avoid Procrastination
  50. How I Refocus Myself During The Day

That’s it for now, folks. I’ll see you next time

What blog post ideas do you have?


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